January 28, 2011

off to LCCT . baaaaaiiii !

oh yey ! barang dah siap pack and it's time to goooooo home baybeeeee! :D

p/s - saya nak jumpaaaa dgn semuaaaa penduduk jalan telipot ! weeeeeeee >.<

pray for me so that i can reach my hometown dgn selamat and doa jgk so that my flight wont be delayed! dahla last flight , kalau delay mmg sunyi sepi lonely laaaahh saya jawabnya -_______-

January 24, 2011

just another manic monday

tomorrow got quiz for maf 330

satu formula pun tarak hafal laagi


ohkaay im starting to sound like the one in family outing (-_____-)

wish me luck for tomorrow . just cnt wait for this friday ! awwwwhhh :*

*sbenarnya dah tak tahu nak tulis apa sbb nawaitu sbenar bukan sbb nk update blog tapi nak menaip je*

tapi kalau suruh menaip assignment tanak plaaaakkk yeee :)

whatever blaaa blaaa blaaaaa saya nak blaaah dr sini

vaaivaaii :D

January 15, 2011

bananaaas in pyjamaassssss

that's what i miss most about you ;)

i really miss that kind of conversation . though it was reaaaally 'bluish' !

p/s - thankss bbm for making up my day ^.^

January 7, 2011

pffft !

oh greaat ! i've spoiled my mood . DAMN !

just be patient bebeh . Allah s.w.t is testing u now .

word of wisdom for today : there's always a silver lining behind the cloud , which means everything happens for a reason . dont worry nai , u are strong ! u can go thru thissssssssss.. this is justtt kacaaaanggggggg only :)

p/s - whats wrong with fallin down cuz u can always stand up again rite? cheers :D

[ trying to calm myself]