November 30, 2010

i miss stalking some of my friends dkat friendster dulu2

malam ni kena tido more burning the midnight oil..hahaa...gaya mcm ada exam je stay up ni..hahaha...i have my own reason why i need to sleep early tonite..but still nak bagitau jugakkk..hihi..ngada2? yes i know that . haha..

actually, tomorrow im goin out with sam to get our hair done , sam nak potong rambut and me ? no, im not gonna cut my hair just yet .. but will trim a bit la kot..senang cite, cut jugak la cut tu mcm nak potong banyaaakk je sdgkan i nak trim trim tu bunyila pendek sket eventho cut is obviously shorter in terms of bilangan perkataan..eh2..huruff? ahhh whatever..

and the best part is , VINCCI is on sale now..well,not just vincci la kan..sbb skrg pun tgh Y.E.S [Year End Sale] hapee laaaagi...misii merembat 2,3 pasang kasuuut bermulaaa..i did issued this sale thingy to my mom and she just smiled. and with that , i'll take it as a greenlight :D

tp kaaaaaaaaaaaaannn......i swore not to go shopping sgt daaahh pasni...haishhh...boleh tak kalau nak postpone je dulu niat tuu? errr..hmmm.... (-___-!) buntuuuu !

November 25, 2010

speaking my mind . hmm

i love this boring feeling bcuz one day im gonna miss it and im gonna ask someone to invent me a time machine so i can turn back the time .

please appreciate ur holidays bcuz i dun wanna hear you giving me such a heavy sigh for being a fast track student who will never have enough holidays .

im telling this to myself . so no offense .

cheers :)

best of luck sugarpie ! auwwww :))

found this and i like it .

well i've seen this like so many times but dunno why this time mcm excited je bila baca :D

and and andddddd to mister m.e , i like the number 4 , 8 , 10 , 15 , 18 , 23 , 29 , 30 ! ngeeee :D

and fyi , i like the 23 the most . cool kannn?

vaivai all !

p/s - happy study love ! have fun with the books while im having fun with the internet yg superlaju anddddd boleh on9 without feeling guilty . ahah . kidding baybehh :)

November 23, 2010

want this for birthday present

come to mummy my dear baby blackberry ! best kan kalau duit ada dimana2 je macamm bacteria...boleh laaa text mister m.e dgn freee...dengar tak? FREE okayhhh... :D

isn't it great kalau BB ni comes from a tree ? mcm buah blackberry tuu...

i'll plant a lot of blackberry trees at the back of my house and bila tiba musim buah, saya akan petik semuaaaaa bb yg ada then sell it to otherss...nanti boleh jd BILLIONAIRE !

me want this one --->

<--- not this one

ohh papaaaaaaaaaaaaa....please grant my wishesssss...pleassseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *big grin*

November 22, 2010

new word - CHIT !

okay.mister m.e has safely arrived at miat and God how i miss him already..but it's okay cuz the further we are apart , the nearer i feel you are ! awwwwwh... :D

Ming-ming and Tott-tott

kitee jage tott-tott and awak jage ming-ming...kannnnn awaaakkk? eeeii..ok sumpah gedik

that pic was taken on june 2010 kot..ntah!lupa! kejap je ming-ming stay ngan i cuz i had to return it back to mister m.e cuz die rindu sgt dkat ming-ming dia..makan x kenyang,mandi x basah,tidur x lenaaaa,.sebab tiadanya ming-ming disisi..hahahahahaha...kidding2 onlyyyy :D

okok,enuf..nway,we've made a record sbb first time x keluar dating bile balik kb laaa...we're both studying at a diff place , so of course la the holidays will not be the same [except for the raya hols] , so nak mengharapkan kami date kat cni mmglah susahh sbb cuti lain2..but fyi, he did came back during raya haji few days ago , but i dont know what took us so busy smpai nak jumpa pun susah..pdahal kb je kot..hmmmm...

plus, line celcom harini mcm CIBAI . it took me zillion times to actually make a successful phone call..the operator keeps on saying "sorry,the number u have dialed is currently not available" and " this is the voice mailbox for the number blaah blahh blahhh"..and yg paling menyayat hati , xde suara langsung, and suddenly the connection is cut,u look at ur phone and it says "NETWORK BUSY" . pissed off .

ok babai .

stay tuned kalau nak tahu kisah saya dan plkn saya . CHIT :O

November 21, 2010

not being myself


1. Put your music library on shuffle.

2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question,

no matter how silly it sounds!

Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough.

4. Ok, go!

5. When you're done, tag 20 people in this note,

and make sure to tag the person who sent you this.

The answer to #20 is the Title of your note

1.If someone says, “Is this okay?” you say

:: can't be tamed...[x okay la tuuuh agaknya]

2. How would you describe yourself?

:: bulletproof !woaahhhh....dont u dare mess with me..hoho >.<

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?

:: when i grow up [ meaning,i akan start suka dekat lelaki bile i dah grown up lah kot]

4. How do you feel today?

:: closer - neyo [to what?hmmm...]

5. What is your life’s purpose?

:: take my heart - soko [ purpose utk mister m.e neyhhh] ;p

6. What's your motto?

:: i kissed a girl - katy perry [ not a lesbo!]

7. What do your friends think of you?

:: california girls - katy perry ft snoop dog[awwwhhh...AMAREKAA bak kata cik naz and fathin ] :D

8. What do you think of your parents?

:: kristy are u doing okay - the offspring [adehh..since when my parents jd mat saleh?]

9. What do you think about very often?

:: heels over head - boys like girls [did i wrote HEELS?ohhh..shoppinggggg time baybehhh!]

10. What is 2 + 2?

:: wavin flag - knaan,will i am,david guetta [hmm..i dont see the connection] :p

11. What do you think of your best friend(s)?

:: hanya kau yang mampu - aizat [wahhh...mampu utk mmbuatku ketawaaaaa :D]

12. What do you think of the person you like?

:: dangerous - akon [better beware!hoho]

13. What is your life story?

:: 21 guns - green day [ ohh...i am certainly not a soldier or a police to have gunsss]

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

:: just like a pill - pink [ being swallowed by others?ughh..scaaaaryyyy]

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?

:: lovebug - jonas brothers [ awwwww!mister m.e,u're my loveebugggg!]

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?

:: dont trust me - 3oh3 [ sengal pny jawapan...huh]

17. What will they play at your funeral?

:: cookie jar - gym class heroes [ nak sumbat i dalam cookie jar keee?]

18. What is your biggest fear?

:: nine in the afternoon - panic at the disco [ i puteri lilin..i xtahan panas..dats y i tkt bile tibe je afternoon...ok serious gedikkkk]

19. What is your biggest secret?

:: waking up in vegas - katy perry [i dlu stay dekat vegas,tp xnak berlagak,i ckp i stay shah alam jeehh...hihiiii..memang berlagak habessss]

20. What will you post this as?

:: bukan diriku - samsons [ hahaa...sbb mostly jwpn die xde kena mgena dgn soalan die]

p/s - saya tag semuaaa followers saya memandangkan hanya ada 21 cukupla sorang satuu!haha..

goodnite!mister m.e, im comingg :p

November 20, 2010

mamak v. rumah (2010)

ok, tajuk sebijik mcm casess dlm syllabus law . LAME !

this is me when too much of boredom is conquering my brain .


he's out with the guys . pegi kedai mamak dekat pengkalan chepa [PC la senang cite - org klntn pggil pc je utk pg.chepa ni]

cepat la balikkkkkk awakkk

bukannya nak ajak saya punnnnnn.....uhhhh (~__~!)

nway , i feel like doing surveysssss . it's been yearssss since i last buat surveysss.. dlu ms zaman friendster , tiap2 hari buat surveys . pastu title die buat mcm shoutout (status) . but now , not anymore . somehow i miss doing 'em.. dlu2 , smpai naik menyampah doing all the same old questions , dgn soalan yg ntah hapee2 .

i guess btul laaa what people say , 'benda yg kita benci tu la yg kita akan rindu nanti ' so start hating each other if u feel like missing them one day :p ok kiddinggggg (^.^)

gotta go. i'll be back with more hot stories ! ceceyhh...mcm beautifulnara pulakk ;p

p/s - what hurts the most by rascal flatts , layannnnn jehh . ntah cane lagu ni tibe2 bleh termain dlm kepala hotakk nii... hmmm

November 19, 2010

moo moo :D

hell-O peeps .hope its not too late yet for me to wish selamat hari raya aidiladhaaaa to all muslims around the globe :D

i've been busy with all the majliss and events..ceehhh! mcm artisssss jeeehh..hahaa...from the first day of raya smpai today mmg busy..didnt have the chance to update my blog..but i did do some changes to this blog...SPOT THE DIFFERENCESS??? eheh .

oh to be honest, i wasnt quite busy today..just the first and the second day of raya jee..


woke up quite early and went to the nearby mosque which is the 'masjid telipot' to perform solat sunat hr raya....serious hati ini mmg sayu when i heard the takbir..was wondering mcm mana org yg dkat perantauan rasa when they hear the takbir..ohhh...better get myself prepared..physically and mentally!hoho..mcm dpt je fly pegi uk..hahaha

at 9.15,went back home..had roti canai for breakfast then off to the nearby village for the qurban..kawan2 yg lain mesti dh bnyak kali buat qurban , but for me , it's my first time doing this qurban thing..[well..of courselaa it wasnt me who did all the slaughter-ing ] just niat and do the akad jual beli with the owner je..normally papa yg niatkan qurban and do the akad2 thing tuu..last year papa bagi dekat my this year, my turn la pulak.. overall, it wasssss fantasticccccc yawwwhh! nex year papa kata nak qurban lagi .. aaahhh sukeeeeee ! :D

here's some of the pic..taken by papa :D

my cow yg comel lagi cun ! no.7 lagi..james bond yawhh :p

minutes before the qurban...

pak cik tak-tau-nm-apa tgh bg tips utk qurban :)

lembu saya tetap cun dan comel sbb die dah slmt diqurbankan..may u rest in peace :)

p/s - ignore the boots that i wore..i takut kalau2 ada pacat yg sesat pegi panjat i pny kaki , so hape lagiii....grab the boots laa! pinjam papa pny :p n i did notice, those wearing boots sumenya pakcik2.. hope they welcomed me with open arms utk join diorg pny club :)


sorry . no pics for this . eh kenapa nak kena sorry dkat you all plak,i should've said sorry to myself sbb kena menaip . kalau ada gmbr , bleh save my potential and kinetic energy . HAHA .whatever

2nd day raya, my family buat makan2 sket sbb some of my relatives balik . it's a must-do event bile diorg tu sume balik kelantan . haha . i loikkeee cuz time2 ni laa i akan berada di dapur almost 12 hours..kalau tak waktu nak lunch jelaa masuk dapur n masak2.. n now i realized that i memang suke masaaakkkkk ! OMG .. adakah ini simptom utk jd isteri solehahhh?awwww..gediks!

*** THIRD DAY RAYA - hari ni laaa! ***

bosan . but this evening , went out with my family utk cari kain utk buat baju for my uncle's wedding . i didnt design my baju yet..nak buat baju ke dress ke ape blum decide x bleh nk beli kain lagi...bile baju xdecide lagi,material apatah lagi :D teringin nak buat jubah kaftan yg mcm butterfly gileeeee bleh takk...nak nak nak my mom mcm x kasi jehh sbb die kate kalau buat bleh pkai time tu je laaa...xkan pegi kelas nak pakai jubah kaftan kot? melampauu . so any more ideas guys? hihiii

n btwy, on the way nak keluar tu, lalu depan S.I.C [mister m.e pny skola] and tibe2 nampak mister m.e keluar from his car . die nampak i and i nampak die . tp masing2 buat2 x nampak .

but last2 , my mom jgk yg tegur

"eh td bukan eqbal ke?"

and i was like

"ha' la kot..die pegi main bola la tu kot..eheh"

n my mom replied

"haduii..mcm bdk skolah je nampak"


mister m.e ! satu compliment from ur soon to be mother in law . be proud of that ! :D

November 15, 2010

family first , bring ur heart home :)

such a boring nite . cuz normally we will have our dinner outside and alang2 tuuu pegi 'walk walk eat air' bak kata papa sayaa...goshh...lamanya x bhsakan diri saya...hihiiii..ok whatever

plan to do some skyping with mister m.e thing for sure,i just realized i didnt install the application yet. ohhh damn im sooo lazy to d0 the installin thingy though it'll only takes me a few minutes sbb kat sini intenet mmg pantasssssssss mcm trek pantas.. [never trust my bm..i suck at it]

naz just uploaded the pics for the charity work and honestly i get sooooooo jealous for not being there..i've always wanted to be part of the team, but i guess xde rezeki lah kot. sob2..

seeing the ophans,the house,and everything makes me feel sad...there's something in their faces that tells me how lonely they are..and how jealous they are seeing other kids with parents when they've lost theirs..maybe sbb tu lah kot i xdpt pegi..i'll make them sad even more.. least i shud be grateful for still having my families around my fingers. they're just

the best and nothin can replace them

umi [on the right hand side]

papaaaaaaaa :D

afif a.k.a kupeeh

sara gedikkkkk

tok daddyyyyy


i wanted to put tok mama's and tok wan's pics tooo...but i cudnt find it here in my lappy..sorryyyy tok mama,sorryyyy tok wan..but u'll still be in my heart..forever and alwaysss :D

p/s - i just LOVEEEEEEEEEEE you guys sooo damn much !

hi . saya puteri kopi .

coffee prince :D

i wuffff youuuuuuuuu . i guess i need to start drinking coffee just to get close to you...blahahahahahahaa

<---- the prince is so damn shweeeeto!

November 14, 2010

umi ajak buat x-ray?err..takut!

just got home . woot woot !

thanks sayangggggg for what u did today..from miat,u went to lcct,then to klia,then to kl sentral,and finally to shah alam..then patah balik..owww..seriussss anytime i leh nangisss ni tauu :') it's priceless for me...God knows how lucky i am to have you..awwwww...*terharu2*

blur? blame the bus,not me :D

byee2 time..sob2 :'(

jage pen tu elok2..u have one,i hve one..heeee :D

may u succeed in ur life . all the best for ur final dear ! u can do it . ignore the midterm . just look forward . dont dwell on the past :) prove to everyone that u will become a true pilot/engineeer . ignore what people said bout u becoming a pilot . heights isnt a big deal . what matters most is sincerity . all the best Capt.Eqbal or Ir.Eqbal :D

dont worry , whatever happens to u, bear in ur mind that

u'll always have me behind ur back :)

November 9, 2010

i miss home..senang cite,saya homesick!

im back on track :) hahha

the exam is finally OVER! ohhhhhhhh the feeling of's just more than words...the 3-week-pain that i was suffering for has finally come to an end as soon as i handed the paper to the invigilator this morning...

though i admit that i didnt do my very best for that paper..i didnt have much time to check my answers..and honestly, i have a handwriting of a seven year old girl...

puan roszilah!maaaaaaf sbb tulisan mcm hampeh...puan makanlah carrot bnyak2 nanti cuti sem ni :D

better get going now..nak mandiiii and japgi nak g tgk cite asmara kat tv3..hahahahahahaa....dont know mcm mana aku leh tersangkut ngan cite was a long story though :p

till then!

November 7, 2010

out and about =)

my commercial law exam is finally over! oh dont get me wrong,i didnt take law.. im not gonna take law, not gonna be a lawyer , and will never love this subject . i wonder how those law students go thru all those annoying acts,enactments,ordinant...ohh i dont wanna remember's killing me softly..haha!

something that really touched my heart last night was my papa..honestly, my heart cried . but thank God i didnt drop a single's just my went like this..

i was having a hard time understanding yet memorising the first chapter which is the malaysian legal system..i know this chapter is like veryy the kacang one for the law students..hahaha..but hey,im not a law no wonderla susahhhh nak hengatttt..haihh

at 11pm, i texted papa asking him about federal court and all, but my phone kept on being silent..i was quite weird cuz normally papa will still be awake at that i just assumed that he turned off his i texted my mummy* asking her bout the same thing, and it took her 2 hours to's never too late cuz i really appreciate her help..thanks mummy*! then at 3 am, i was still facing the law textbook, and suddenly i got a msg from papa " i have written a brief write-up on the court system, am sure u can get the picture of the function of the fed court. already emailed to u "

i was like, OH MY DID HE JUST DO THAT? seriously i didnt expect he would write about the court and all and EMAILED was so unacceptable,yes...he was doing his best to make sure that his daughter will finally understand it...i was thinking if i took law, most probably he'll end up being my private lecturer and i dont even have to come to class! weeeeeeeeeeee :D ok enough with ur sikap pemalas..haha

n btwy,hari ini thanks to housemate tsayang jgk, for lending me ur broadband and ur lappy as well...lets just wait and see who'll be the next victims to lend me her lappy :D jasa baik korang amat saya hargai... :)

this coming tues,i will sit for the last but not least paper , TAX! it's the last paper, so fighting ye! :p

November 3, 2010

i heart u lahhh =)

here comes niny nai , after two months menyepi . she gets dissapointed with the internet line here in puncak..dats one of the reason why she didnt update her blog for like 2 months. but now, niny nai is forcing her every muscles from the triceps to the biceps just to update her blog. it sounds weird, i know.

at this time , she is supposed to sit down and flip her Commercial Law books [this coming saturday is her final exam for this paper ], but then she turned out to act the opposite way. she is now facing her housemate's [fain] lappy , because she needs to , i mean like seriously need to update her blog. she is willing to sacrifice her study time just to update her blog . even if she didnt, she would probably end up sleeping with those books , or perhaps staring at her phones, waiting for any incoming calls..

but then it will all be useless. so thats why she's here...trying to solve her problems in an immediate time..whatever it is, lets get back to the real story. she wanted to call her 'love' , but then when she thought back, it will only make the probs even worse. so she wrote a letter to her 'love' hoping that the probs will be settled. last night , she felt like pulling the trigger and ended it. but she knew she couldnt do so. the words "you have to end this, you HAVE TO " kept on popping inside her head last night. at last , she cried to sleep . this is what she wrote :

Dear Mohd Eqbal bin Ab Rahim ,

i am writing this for u hoping that u would accept my apology. this is the only way for me to seek forgiveness , im afraid to call u because i know i will cry and whatever things that i wish to say will all be gone just like that. so to be safe, i put it black and white.

im sorry for acting like an annoying little kid just now.
i have reached 19 but still, acting like a stupid kid who force her mother to buy her a lollipop when her mother got no money to buy it.

i did say a few harsh words to u , but honestly i didnt mean it..not a single word..i should have just be patient and relaxed , but then my involuntary action has put us into a fight .

i admit that it was all my fault . u never issued any probs, it was me all the time. i am the one who always put us into a fight..

to be exact,i am the trouble maker.yes!i am YOUR trouble maker.if it wasnt me,this whole thing would never exist. what kind of a girlfriend i am.

u always have probs with ur works,ur projects,ur lecturers [ serioussly i hate this kind of lecturers], and lots more, but with my existence, ur probs will always be doubled.

im sorry for not being a good gf of yours. if there's an award for being 'the best gf' , i know i will never win . in fact , i will be disqualified.

whatever things that u said to me, advised me, it is all for my own good.. not many man can do those especially nowadays..because i see it with my own two eyes, and yes, u're like a limited edition for me..

i am very lucky to have you in my life..i will never forgive myself if i ever lose deeeeply sorry for all my wrongdoings...

i accept every bits of ur weaknesses..with all my heart and soul..i want to be with u all the time, wish to meet u everyday..and with that,




..i dedicated this song to you,bcuz this song keeps on playing in my mind when i wrote this..papa introduced me to this song when i was 16..n now,i will introduce
it to u..because u're my only squirtle,otomen,king,kura2, and tott :D

with lots of pure love,

ur jigglypuff,queen, and ming2 ;D

and this one too