January 24, 2010

vote vote vote!

here we are again..

going thru the boring weekends..haaha

gile sunyiii puncak..haha

only the thunder and the lightning yg menemani two of us..


supposed to be 3 of us,but then yatie went out with her friend to PD yesterday...she'll b home today..perhaps..

out of 6 human beings in this house,there's only 2 left..huuu..

the other 4,ape lg.....cabutt pulang ler..ahaha

i tried to add a lil bit of fun to this boring weekend by video calling him..but then,the line wasnt really ok..so it's like we're playing hide and seek..get what i mean?

i've list out things that i have and NEED to do..

  • MAF 220 - past year's xm ques
  • QMT _ _ _?? - xcercises in the slide notes
  • CTU 151 - presentation n assignments
  • FAMILY - presentation n folio
  • BEL 260 - prepare text for presentation..

n the good news is..i didnt touch any of them yet!ohhhhh betapa rajin nye saya..guess tonite im gonna need some more caffeine..

btwy,tomorrow's the election!ohhh...cnt waitttt!who will b the president?

vote vote!

im sooooo proud of having 2 besties [a.k.a classmates,housemates,roomates!] fighting over a jawatan president..ahaha..

they're not really fighting actually,just bersaing..that's all..

cnt believe both of u dicalonkan utk mjd president!

gile smartlah korang!hahaa

to tqa :

GOODLUCK girl!make him proud..HAHA..

him - abg barddd

to naz :

GOODLUCK bebb!instead of saying 'sy tumpang gumbira', i'll say 'sy tumpang nervous!' hahaa..kidding only mehh..ahahaa...make TS proud okiee??hehe =D

ohh...im damnnn xcited over the electionn rite now!oyeahhh...

p/s - sbb x dicalonkanlah sy gumbira teramat..if not,i'll b dead..hahaa..kidding2!

im off..

: till then :

January 20, 2010

pop pop poppp cornnnnn

quizzes week!
yesterday,got a pop quiz for maf 220..gileeeeeeee seramm kot...dhla xstadi pape pun..aiyohh,,,
today,got mgt quiz..i thot dpt soalan yg bleh dplih...last2,sume wajib jwb,,huu,,,bc bkn main bnyk lg...yg keluar,ONLY 2 quesssss!!aahhhh...n it became worse when i tried to answer the ques..kenapa?cuz my mind was all blank n blurr..i see nothing but stars above my head..[what the fish] geraammmm dowhh!da bc 3,4 kali daa part tuu,,,last2 bleh lupa gak,,,aiyohh,,,i really need to update my 514mb memory to 16GB memory..HAHAHAA,,,sy sudaaaa gilaakk!ok sy mengakuuu dgn sjujurnyaa bkn sng utk sy mbca mgt ituu,,,n fyi,mgt is my personal sleeping pills..eheee =D u know i hate this reading part,,hahaa,,,but i forced myself not to sleep..
this weekend - laundry,study,korean drama marathon,...anything else?ohh,,
i gotta go..johnnson's baby milk bath is waiting for me now,,=D

p/s - to naz and tqa,gudluck guys for ur AGM..!!

: till then :

January 14, 2010

i can feel the pressure.

today's classes ended at 1230 just now..owhh for the first time ever,kelas smpai pkul 12 je..if x,maunyee pkul 6 br balekk..huu..ponat2..

im TOTALLY stressed out...my brain keeps on thinking bout this probSSSSS [shows u how much probs i have] till some of my black hair has turned white!ok..fine..it's UBAN..but i dun like calling it uban.,it makes me feel like as if im a veteran..ohh grow up

here :
  • my matriks card 'ran away' from me..so,i have to go to main campus n ask for a new one..FRESHLYYY NEW!oyeahh...jealous?dont be.HAHA [mrepek]
  • honestly i dont really like some of my lect for this sem..they're creepy n 'dangerousssss'..really!my FAR lect is supeerrrr baikkk n lembut that when it comes to teaching,i feel like as if she's trying to meng-ulit me..owhh.,,cnt stand thissssssssss sleepy habit.. (~.~) as for my ECO lect,terlampau advance mgajar,[i know u're a professor madya] that all of us sering ternganga2 cuz cara die mgajar lgsung x ikut buku teks..kejap2 skip,kejap2 skip..owhh...n her handwriting on the whiteboard pun agak memeningkan..it's not that she has this doc's handwriting,but die jenis yg tarakk sukaa padam whiteboard..so it's like all the 2-hours-lecture notes are on the same whiteboard..agakk penimmmm ok..all the arrows and the mind map-ing,and the colours of the whiteboard markerss......aaaaaaaa....Lect bel,as i said,agak unik binti aneh..hmm..
  • my mgt quiz will b on nex week..br 2x kelas daa ade kuiz...aiyoiii..maf 220 pun dgr2 cam ade gak nex wik..aiyayayaii...
  • cutii CNY still xtau bilee...adoii..sy mauu pulanggg...uitm,kasilaa cuti awal sket...heeee =D

these are all the probsss i can think of rite now...ade bnyk lg,just cnt put it into words..for now..haha

: till then :

January 13, 2010

maja maja! =(

there's gud news and bad newss...
i'll go with the bad one first..3...2.....1...
dgn ini i'll burn rm15 of my saving over a stupid kad matriks yg mlarikan diri from its owner..sial!
i hate uuuuuuu!
good news?
err...sorry i forgot bout it..
the bad newssss has brainwashed me till i seem to be forgot things...uhhhh!
im off.
: till then :

January 11, 2010


this is the real one...OYEAHHHHHHHH!!!
got a call from madam,n guess what...?
she's not coming to class!
slamat x bwk kad matrik...hehee...
have fun madam!im soooooooooooooo in love wif yuuuu...wakakkakkkakaaa


plus, kad matrik n name tag xde!arghhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

im TOTALLLY gonna b dead,,,,,



im at the lab now,it's BEL 260 now..!! uhhhh....

madam is about to come! 'oyeahh2'...hehehe

ceh..bajet tau sgt,,ahhahaa

wateva it is,siyes nervesssssssssss thp yg xde thp daaaahh...

buibuii..im gonne b dead...haha..joke2..

January 5, 2010

bel 260

tomolo tomoloww tomollooowwwwwwww!!!!!!


kasi gugur jantom guwe..

madam,plis dont torture us like before.

u got me scared..dats y i was actin pretty blur dat day..

i dunno why on earth am i feeling this..im feeling that madam will b such a great lect to us..forget about that grouping part.ughhh...no one has ever done that before..not until u came into the class n introduced urself as our bel 260 lect..

well..she looks kinda funny to me....with the sentence "think in malay,whisper in english",has made me thought that she is actually very unique and exotic..wakakakkakaa..

drpd ak whisper in english,baik ak duk diammm ajeee...btol x?WAHAHHAAA

okay,felt like as if she's teasing me cuz i owez whisper to who-ever yg sit next to me whenever my lect is teaching in front..bukannye ape pun,im asking questions yg i xpaham ok..hahahaa..*bajet*

whatever..im gonna ignore this feeling and just wait for my hands and my legs to get shaky..ughhh..

im off..

: till then :

lagi lagi nasik!yess! =D

just got back from class..far 150 ended at about 930?err..im not so sure,im just guessing..hahaa..also,qmt 181 has been cancelled..so it's like we r free from 930am to 2pm..
afta this,we're gonna have maf 220..killer subject bak kata seniors2..ahhaaa...
again,i did the laundry just now..fara sibuk nk continue watching boys over flowers..same goes to fain..tqa td on9 jap..naz plak,fes2 dgr mp3..then krohhhz2..titooo..ahahaa
everybody in the house has gone thru the boredom..hahaa..time2 ni bley r nk rilex2..jap g konfem ms nk tidoo pun x ckupp...
ohhh my dear housemates...sleeep more when u're still free..enjoy ur sleep until the very last moment cuz u're gonna miss having more than 8hours of sleep..ahaahaaaa...i've enjoyed mine,that's y i didnt sleep..instead,i did sumtin else..ahhaaaa...
this evening hrp2 xde class gak..hahahaa..hampehh..kate azam baru nk rajin pegi kelas..ahahaa..eventho i never failed attending classes during last sem..ahahaha.chewaaahh..bajet bdk baikkk..hekhek =]
gonna have my lunch now..
: till then :

January 4, 2010

my class is damn awesome!i like u all..mwahh3! =p

it's 640pm..yet im still in front of fara's lappy..hehee..pinjam jap cuz mls nk amik my darling lappy kat lam locker..just let it rest n hibernate itself..haahaa [wat daa..?]

now..im alone wif fara..everybody else has gone missing..hahaa..no la!they went out for jogging..tqa,naz and yatie..hehe..fain plak,out to meet her friends..dunno what she's up to..ahahaa..tggu je die blk..ahhaa..

saya x joging kaa?sudah tentu tidak.i was like freaking glad to reach 40kg..cuz normally it'll b like 38,39..hahaa...n of course,i dun want my weight to drop again..saya bertungkus lumus menaikkan brat bdn,n finally i've reached 40!oyeaahhh2...at least dat makes me look so normal..haha..

heyy youu!dont ever say im keding or whatsoever..im normal now..=] n im proud of it..hakhak

n yes,i did the laundry just now bebeh!my arms are getting better and better..tengs to minyak mestika..i love u..HAHAA.. u saved the day! weeee..proud of having u..hehe.. =]

tonite,plan to watch ketika cinta bertasbih with 5 of my housemate..tqa said the movie is great..so that attracts me..eventho i rarely watched malay movies..hahaa..ayuh berpicnic in front of who-ever's lappy..hehee...dunno whose lappy will be the victim tonite..but im guessing it's gonna be tqa's cuz she got this one big n wide screen..pretty good to watch movies..hahaa..

owh..im gonna have my nite shower now..

later peeps,

p/s : tomorrow's FAR 150,QMT 181,MAF 220..

: till then :

January 3, 2010

push and pull bebeh!

feels great when no one is in puncak but me..ahaha..

im not trying to show off..i aint that brave enuf to face all those creepy things* hee =D

it's just that,i feel great when less people are here cuz i can heavenly on9 with faster speed..hehee...

ohhh people,dont ever come to puncakkkk..go home,leave me alone.

cehhh....siang2 boley laa,malam2 mauu terrrr-'pee' sy disini....ngeeeee =D

ok,i arrived here at 11 am yesterday.no one,i mean NO ONE is here yet..except for me n my pakcik n makcik..it's gud that they helped me carry all my bags cuz i dont have that much energy..haha..my arms are killing me like hell..ingt nk bsh bj,but then cancel the plan cuz of the kesakitan di lengan yg msih belum sembuh..sigh

i was all alone till naz came back at 6pm?wow..i survived from the 7 hours of sunyi n boring ituu...hekhek..n went on to pejabat alone without having anyone to guide me for the 'college registration'..haha..keadaan sy pasti sprti org yg tidak tentu arah..hahaa...

last nite,three of us,me,naz n tqa used all our interior-design-skills to adjust the position of the beds n the lockers in our room..blik terlampau sempit..sume da jd sardin..biaselar girls,brg bnyak plus xsuke ruang sempit2 nii...hehee

but lastly,back to the original position..just changed the position of one of the lockers..but after all the pushing and the pulling part,[adjusting the beds and lockers] ended,we realized that all of us really dont have the interior design skills..though i was called for an interview for that course..tp x pergi punn..wakakakkakaa...

im off

p/s - tomorrow's ; BEL,CTU and ECO..

: till then :

currently in goose land..=]

im posting sumtin dat i wrote few days back on word..eheh..why word?read it..

Hello earth creatures!

Since today is the last day for the year 2009,im gonna vent out all my wreath on this blog.sorry if u’re getting annoyed with me cuz i owez do this when im mad,or im angry at sum1..or sumtin.uhh..i hv 2 to 3 major annoying probs..

· Im sick of waiting the pakcik kelmaju to finish repairing my so-called stupid phone.it has been 5 days ago when i left my phone there.yet they still didn’t manage to finish it?what on earth r u doing?working or chit-chatting?uhhhhh.....

· Im tired of handling my old and so-called annoying phone [the one im using it while my phone is with pakcik kelmaju] hel-lo!i can ONLY make a call,no texting..get it?i’ll b broke afta a month using it..pokai lu pokai!aihh...

· Im sooooo disappointed with my home’s wifi..since 3 days ago,i cnt on9 cuz of this.n sis said that pakcik internet yg akn repair it will come either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow..i just wanna scream my lungs out when i heard her saying that.it’s like..HEL-LO!im goin to puncak the day afta tomorrow and if the pakcik doesn’t come by the time im goin there,i’ll b soooo desperately sulking..ceh..this is the only time where i can heavenly on9..the speed is superrrrrr fast as compared to the one in puncak..ya i know,i shud b lucky for having it,at least~


My A-type blood is really boiling rite now..i can feel that i can make maggi cup on my skin..uh great..i can only think of food when im in stress..HAHA..now who’s with me?hehe

Im off

: till then :

*Thurs,dec 31st 2009*