April 22, 2012

i believe in modesty

17. Create a bucket list

and wowwww if i were to write down it all , it'll be endless . so as for today , i think im gonna limit it to just 10 maybe ? well let see lahh how much i can think of for today .


1. be a good muslimah
2. be a good wife / mother / granny
3. travel around the world
4. successful in life
5. get a good job
6. a new lappy or at least format the current one
7. a new bb or at least repair the current one
8. get a first class degree
9. be a good chef
10. finish my degree with a blink of an eye so that i wont have to struggle anymore

well that's life . whatever u do is for ur own good too right ?
so appreciate ur life ! dont let anything / anyone destroy ur precious life .
dunia is just sementara , so make full use of it .

March 23, 2012

i wanna go there :(

i somehow miss the moment when i was there . i miss being there . the feeling is different . Honestly .

ya Allah , please take me there again . someday somehow :'(

March 16, 2012

# 16

16. Who are your heroes ?

My one and only Papaa

i still remember how he raised his voice when i accidentally lost the remote control of my house punya pagar . it was just a small remote control anyway but yeah , he's the kind of man that appreciates things . He hates travelling . Like really hate it . I just dont know why . We both dont have much in common by the way . We like different things . He likes history , he hates travelling , he hates animals , he lovesss western food , and bla bla blaa . See how different we both are ? :)

when im down , he's the one who keeps on inspiring me . He wrote me a 'loveletter' when i was in puncak perdana , which i think not all parents can do that especially now where facebook and sms are the most preferable way of communicating . He sent me inspiring old songs to cheer me up :) i remember some of them like why worry now by i-cant-remember-who . kalau nak dengar , search dekat youtube ! world is now at your fingertips bebehhh :)

February 4, 2012


15 . Write about your day yesterday

woahh 5 more days and woohoo ! anyway , back to the challenge . err yesterday? ohkaay let me see..i went to Tesco during the evening to buy stuffs and had my dinner at Lik's crib . She held this kinda majlis for Maulidul Rasul so yeah , i was invited :)

The menu was nasi minyak (i think) with ayam masak merah and bla bla bla . It was very the sodaap one aaa ! Plus , i was too hungry last night , so everything looks delicious to me :D Thank you LikLik !

Then we had our usual gossip thingy and laughed so hard (gosh i miss this momentos) im soooo gonna miss them ! :') We've planned on so many things like going to have sleepovers like what we always do each year , then some of them mentioned something about overseas and they plan on to go to Australia next year . I wannaaa go thereeee too ! I'll probably need a lot of money and decided to use my own money to go there . i think i'll appreciate more if i do so :)

whatever it is , we can only plan , it all actually depends on Allah s.w.t because He's the one who runs everything ^.^ Lets just pray to Him !

February 1, 2012

# 14

14. List 5 things you cant live without

1. Foods

i kinda love eating lately so yeah , food makes my daaay !

2. BB and iP

BBM allows me to stay connected with my babes :)

3. Tott and Bubee

It's a birthday gift from him and i just cant sleep without them
4. my glasses / contact lenses

i've been having this short-sightedness problem since i was 6 , so yes i kinda grow up wearing that thing most of the time :)

5. money money money ($_$)

money buys me happiness :D i need it for the short term and the long term as well

# 13

13 . What do you see yourself in 10 years ?

let me see..in 10 years time , i'll be 31 . MY OH MY ! veryyy the adultttttt aaa ! i cant imagine myself being a 31-year-old woman . Honestly , i dont know what im gonna be in the future . What will i do to earn a living , who will i get married to , but i really hope it's gonna be him :) hikhik

okay what else do i see , hmmm perhaps having a pair of twin maybe ? heeee :D i just love twins ! and i even wish for it when i was a kid . i wish i have a twin so that we both can switch places like what Annie and Hallie did in the movie The Parents Trap . haha silly me ;p

okay enough with day 13 ! i still have another 7 days ! yikes (@__@!)

# 12

12. Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why ?

ohh err now that's hard . I used to wish for this when i was a kid , but now that i've grown up , it doesnt even matter to me anymore because no one is perfect . but yeah being a kiddos , i've always wanted to be like Cinderella , having the chance to marry a prince charming but as soon as i grow up i realised it wasnt THAT great to be like Cinderella . being tortured by my evil stepmom and stepsis would make my life more miserable .

Duhh obviously she's not the most perfect girl in the world eventhough she gets to marry the prince in the end . After all , there's always a silver lining behind the clouds :) When God gives u something , He'll take something from u as well . And of course , to achieve success , we need to go thru the failures first . Happy holidays my fwennzzzz :)