March 27, 2011

im not a panda, im a zombieeeeeeee =(



dark circles , eye bags , pale lips.

my family at home , please get yourself an oxygen tank when u see me next two months .

AND im verrrrrrrrrrrry sad because i dont look good in pictures anymore [ bajet kau tu photogenic la before this?!] duhhh perasan habes (-____-")

till then !

March 20, 2011

get over it

dulu masa orang buat dekat kau , kau kecoh sana sini , bising tak puas hati ! tapi sekarang , suka hati nenek moyang kau je buat dekat orang balik . if you think this is revenge , then you're wrong . because u didnt just hit your target , tapi orang lain yang takde kena mengena macam aku ni yang menjadi mangsa ? what the ?!!

have you ever heard of the word PRIVACY ?

u're a genius , so use your brain la !

adaa aku kacau hidup kau ? takde kaaannnnn ?? so tak payah la nak menyibuk campur urusan aku . mine is mine !


oh yea this one really suits u well . REALLY WELL !

just back off will you? pffft ! :O

March 18, 2011

pernah main game plant vs zombiesss ??

oh hey im back again [duhhh like almost every post tulis mcm ni kaannn ]

weekend baru nak muncul , well i hope it is really going to be WEEKEND sbb lately ni , i didnt feel the excitement like i used to feel for the past 3 semesters . kalau dulu , weekend je keluar hang out ngan misterloveqbal . well not every weekend la kan .. like once in two weeks ? but now , it's hard for me to find the right time to go out with him . kalau i busy die tak busy , n vice versa . hmmmm .

wanna know why i dh jarang keluar ?okay here's the thing . dulu masa awal sem konon-konon nak save duit [sbb bile dh keluar confirm2 duit mengalir mcm air paip je kan] , then dtg pulak mr.assignments , then mr.tests and quizzes, then mr.presentation , and mr,tests and quizzessss again . haiyoooo ! so now im longing to go out sbb kalau kat sini rasa mcam nak meletop je ! rasa menyesal pulak awal2 sem aritu tak keluar . haissshhh .

homesick ? yes.. still homesick tambah2 pulak time weekend sbb time tu laaa diorang ni sume balik . good for you u dont have to stay here 24/7 . at least boleh chow dari bumi puncak yang serba boring ni kan . [but i like here better than the main campus ]

n you all tau takkk dalam kepala i ni macam tgh serabut gila nak mati . my brain wont stop thinking even when im sleeping ! siap masuk dalam mimpi lagi ! kronik betul . mana tak nya , jadual next week sgt laaa mem-pressure kan diri . well , it's not that my jadual kelas terlalu pack or whatever [it's part and parcel in my life already ] but jadual due date utk assignments and presentation dekat2.. i didnt expect it would be like this . well if u've seen my post lately about the itinerary , then you'll know :(

things that i need to settle for this weekend are :

= prepare utk presentation FAR360 [monday]
=prepare utk presentation ETR300 [tuesday]
= study utk quiz MAF330 [wednesday]
= prepare utk presentation BEL312 and BEL313 [ thursday]
= prepare utk presentation BEL 312 [ friday - in case kalau my turn tak sempat utk hari khamis ]

naaahhh . take that ! complete set of stress ! jangan terkejut pulak if i suddenly turn into a zombie next weekend . hahahahahaaadoiiiii -______-

till then :)

March 5, 2011

why worry nowwwwwwwww

im home alone and im starving

can someone please get me out of here ? :((

i dont know why lately ni macam sensitive je hati ni . hadoi .

* feel like slapping myself *

i posted something about not leaving me alone and bla3 in FB when suddenly papa reminded me of this song . well he used to sing this song in the car masa i tgh nak spm kot . i was pretty stressed about the spm and he said he used to listen to this song back then when was in MCKK . tapi time tu , i dont think it is called spm , SRP ke? ahh lantaklaa...and yes , i did feel calm a bit..walaupun macam tak fully tenang tapi at least rasa la tenang sket..hee :D

and after dgr lagu ni , cepat2 cakap " yea..why worry? semua ni dunia je pun..chill bebehh" hhahaa..okayh i dah macam org gila sbb cakap sorang-sorang ! ahhaaa . enjoy the song !