May 24, 2010

ta ta ta ta-lking bout BLAH

cabut ke mid pkul 2.30 japgi!wooshhhh2...
have a date with my eqbal kecikkkk..jgn jelesss ekk :D
cnt hardly!goshhh..
actually,now im in the lab,ade kelas ais 280..but my lect went out just now..just for ape lagiiiiiiii...O.N.L.I.N.E!!!!!!!!!ahhahaa
till then ;]

May 15, 2010

salam1.....salam 1 malaysia!

ok's the flite will b on the 16th of may which is tomorrow and i dont even start packing yet..not a single thing..i should have finished packing and go to sleep by now..hmm..ignore this cuz it will only screw up my mood.

so far, this so-called semester break was fact it was more than ok cuz at least i've got the chance to go back home [i love kb though we have nothing here]..unlike me,my other housemates and friends cud just go back home anytime..distance will never be in their vocab ;p

as i planned earlier,i didnt actually shop a lot. it was quite an achievement cuz basically i am the one who will always ask my parents' money to go shopping..i wont draw the money eventho it is still my parents' money cuz i'll feel like im using my own money over something that is not important n that will be a pembaziran [rs nk terbang je bile umi n papa kasi duit hand to hand] ;p

so [plis dun start ur sentence with 'so' or u'll nid to have the energy to write 5 essays from madam SS]..ok where was i? emm..yeahh,i didnt even spend my money on shopping lately,but i used 'em over something else..[swimming,paddle boat,deraxing,blah blah blahhhhhh]

seeing my friends yg tgh sibuk with their interviews for the USM and blah blahh blahh made me so nervous..yeah,i've never been to an interview and just now i was imagining myself, a 25 year-old woman going for a job interview..i'll be like a 4-year-old girl seeing a giant mascot..with eyes and mouth widely open and having butterflies in her stomach..ohhhh!that is soooo me~

ok dah la tu..da bnyk merapu2 off to pack my things now..

take care people!

jauhi aedes [tibe2] :)

May 11, 2010

sleepy ? hmm..

hello earth creatures..
it has been quite a long time since i last updated my blog..[it's not quite after all cuz it was like 2months ago?]
so here i am,facing naz's lappy cuz mine was running out of battery and i was quite lazy to get the charger to charge my lappy..just borrow hers for awhile while she is sleeping soundly next to me [dont get me wrong,it's not that she makes sound while sleeping]
i've got sooooo many things to tell...but i wont tell now..i nid time to refresh my memory..cuz everything went like crazy and i barely remember what had happened to me..
im in Nilai,somewhere in Negeri Sembilan..staying at naz's is soooooooo damn good..i get to know her famly members and their masakan and language and whatsoever..'ntah apola bondo ehh..' [n yes,this is nogori's] hahahaa....
it's 1.30 am and im still awake..sleepy?not yet so i wish this wud happen during the finals..time final cpt je ngantuk!haiishhh...
actually,dah xtau nk membebel ape..
and with that,
i end my post.. :p
p/s - 13 and a half hours to go..will b home 2mrw evening at 3pm,im soooo freaking excited!