October 24, 2009


juz finished studying ais [for this evening only k]...mlm nanti continue bc lg..the 2nd quiz will be on this monday..bapak berdebar jantomku..4 chapters to be covered..teramatlah membebankan..

aiyoooii...x final lg staro nih..berap2..

just now,got a msg from papa..asking me to bk email cuz papa ckp die ada anta the cuti-sem-flight details...cnt wait to go homeeee!!weeeeeeeeeeee...

udah2..enuf of ur 'galop'-ness..final nai final!

but juz to let u know,air mata saya skali lg keluar..bukan keluar berdating ye..tp keluar cuz agak tersentuh by papa's words in the mail...he knows how hard i am now,struggling for this course..perhaps he felt guilty..n for sure,i dun want papa to feel that way..i love papa n i dun wan him to feel guilty of his decision[kepaksaan utk mgambil kos ini]..cuz i blive,for every words that papa said,msti ada sumtin behind the words..n that's why im here in puncak..

in the mail,papa said :


here is the firefly particulars, just in case you may need it.. dengar
khabar susoh accounts ...he..he..

kalu tok susoh, tak dok thrill lah jadi pandai seksok... [?]
everything that we encounter in our life for the first time will
always be difficult. Your lecturer that is teaching you accounts now -
he/she also had faced similiar experiences...

Remember always that you are good...must always be confident that you
will always find the answer .. It is the learning of overcoming such
difficulty or adversity that sets each one apart ... if reading 3
times is not enough, then put in 6 times... it is difficult now but
later on, it will be easier... exams are difficult because the
examiner wants to test your ability to think...if you dont do well
now, learn where you go wrong, step back to see what you should do to
overcome it and then put faith in your ability to execute it...sooner
or later, you will become very good ....

papa selalu kata...plan everything like a marathon runner..initially
keep a steady pace, find your strong points and your weak points, work
hard on your weak points whilst at the same time, hone on your strong
points as sharp as possible, there will be a few obstacles here and
there...the key is never throw up the towel, have faith in your
ability, always be confident of what you can do..the rest will come

ok lah, ceramah motivasi setakat ni saja ... mr crab...he...he...

i dunno what's with the 'mr.crab' thing..
tp yg for sure,papa loves mr.crab!n i love patrick!hehee...

: till then :

October 17, 2009


it's been quite a month[or more?] since i last menggila d blog ini..8 days left b4 the final begins..wish me luck!eheh..=] rite now,im not gonna tell u any hot and cold stories..just wanna post sumtin to sum1..

whatever happened here never meant to hurt u..
how could i cause u so much pain?
when i say im sorry..
will u bliv me?
when i say im sorry,
can u forgive me?

all the words i've come up with,
they're like gasoline on flames..
if i cud,i'd undo what i did wrong..

If I told you
I've been cleaning my soul
And if I promised you
I'll regain control
Will you open your door
And let me in?
Take me for who
I am
And not for who
I've been?

Who I've been...

When I say I'm sorry
Will you believe me?
Listen to my story
Say you wont leave me
When I say I'm sorry
Can you forgive me?
When I say I'll always be there
Will you believe?

this song is for u