May 22, 2011

fridaay , fridaayyy ! gotta get down on fridaaayy ! :p

major headache is on its waaaayyy ! dangggg !

i have 2 quizzes on this tuesday and that'll explain the headache .

by the waaay , i just came back from swimming at the komplekss renang or whatever the name is and ooohhh it feels sooooooo gooood to be in the water again ! :D

now lets turn on the study mode shall we ?

May 18, 2011

here's for you :p

일곱 단어, 미친 듯이 당신이 그리워요.............당신을 사랑합니다 !

p/s - this is not a virus , this is LOVE :)

May 16, 2011

me love you ME ! :D

tomorrow still got class ??!!! whaaat the ?! pfffft !

ohh i've been listening to this songs over and over again . this one called happy virus by kim jong kook . i am not so sure if this is a new song or what becauseee you knoww im nott thaaat big of a faaan of k-pop . well at least he does . in fact , he's a die hard fan of it ! ohhhh -______-

and he gave me this song while we were skypingg two days ago . well at first , being the usual me , i only listen to its melody , and naz asked me what the song is about (she always do that) so i started to search for the lyrics and since the song is in korean language so it's veerry veeerryy hard for me to understand it . but then lucky me , i've finally found the english version of it aaand touches my heart to the very core tauu taaakkk ! didnt know he was that romanticcccc :p

thaaaankss awaaakk :D kitee sukee laguu tuu . hihihihi *okay sumpaaah gedikk giloss*

somehow this song has given me back my moooooood yaw :))

enjoy it !

and this is the english version of it :)

I wonder how I found you
Maybe I lived a kind life
Maybe luck comes once in a while
You’re my present
Even swiftly passing by, I only see you
In my head and heart, it’s full of you
That smile, just once
I feel as though I’m in the clouds. This is love
I confess
Love you, I love you
Remember you, I only remember you
I just see and wish for you. I’m a real fool right?
Happy, I’m happy
Thank you for coming to me
While I’m alive, until I stop breathing
I will protect you, I promise

My sight, among these many people
It’s just for you, your important
you you are so beautiful~
You are so precious to me
Even today, I will make a pretty memory for you

In this world, any happiness
It’s small compared to ours’

They say all love changes
That they hate even meeting or departing
All those feelings melt like the snow
This is love~
I confess~

Love you, I love you
Remember you, I only remember you

Just looking at you, and knowing only you
It’s foolish

Happy, I’m happy
Thank you for coming to me

I will protect you, I promise
I will protect you, I promise

so i guess i am the happy virus ? muahahaha ;p *peraasaaan*

May 15, 2011

headache strikes back !

currently at kolej melati , feeling lost and lost and losssst ! and i blame my sleepiness for this ! ohh i shouldnt have slept during the asar-maghrib timeee :(

ohhh and by the waaay , i feeeel sooooo damn tired and exhausted right now . wish i could bloww this tiredness off from my brain .and fyi , this kolej melati that im staying now got no elevator meyh ! i was soooo damn happy when i first found out that we'll be staying in kolej melati instead of kolej kenanga because of one reason , kolej melati adaa lift !

i dont know bout kenanga but i was veeeryy confident that melati got elevator sbb we used to stay in melati during our first intersession last year . so i was expecting that we will stay at the same place la kaaann . but then i was told by my friend that for this intersession , we wont be staying at the same block like we used to stay . so i was pretty frustrated knowing that the block that i'll be staying takdee lift . call me childish , i wont give a damn .

that's all for tonight , gotta wake up early tomorrow morning because's our first day of class remember ? *bajetttt budak baikkk la tuu*

ok byeeee !

May 10, 2011

done renewing my driving license :D

bloody headache is back :( curseeee youuuu ! arrr ! :O

May 9, 2011

preggy mommy :)

a night full of surprises .

i just received a news from misterloveqbal saying that his brother's wife a.k.a his sister in law , kak mai finally gets pregnant . well it's their first baby after all . ohhh how sweeeet and romaaaanticcc ! :D i didnt know why i get myself soooo excited over this matter but i just looooove seeing pregnant woman :))

and i still cant believe that he's going to be an uncle now . well that makes me an aunt right ? muahhahaa ;)

kupeeeh [my brother] cepaat laaaa kawennn ! i want nieces and nephewwwssssss ! hihi

May 8, 2011

there's gotta be a reason why

i was just joking around with my dad last night about how i really want to find a job for my upcoming holidays . it so happened when i just noticed a new bridal boutique is opened nearby my house so i came up with the idea of me working at the boutique during the 2-month-holiday . i dont know what has got into me but i've been so excited lately to work at the boutique and so , as usual my dad just shooked his head and laugh -_________-

then a few hours ago , my dad suddenly said " if you still insist on going to work , then i'll find a job for you at this one accounting firm that i know " and i was like " aaahhhh ?? errrr ......" ohkaaaaaaaayyyyy i didnt ask for a serious job actually ! i just want an enjoyable and interesting job . you know those jobs that require skills and everything ?

i am seriously and definitely not ready to work at an accounting firm . eventhough i know that i might not be handling those accounts and everything , but still , it is just too big for me to carry on my back .

err..can i change my mind now ? because i'd rather stay boring than working in such a serious environment :(

May 6, 2011

cincip :)

*now lets sing*
" we're goin to a picnic with our favourite 'rocket' ship , going tooooo the beach ! little einstein ! "

oh stop it niny . u suck at singing ( palm cover the eyes )

anywaysss , we've set the date and it is going to be on this sundaaaaaay :)

i am super freaking excited because it's going to be a real picnic !

with home-made fooooods some more !

yelaa..before this we only bought all the fooods but now , i think we should change the 'strategy' so that our picnic this time will be more meaningful . oh well , 8 of us are studying at a different place so i guess holidays is what we always wait for :)

May 4, 2011

dinner anyone ?

i went blog-walking just now since i got nothing to do and tadaaaaa i found this . oh well , got it from mira fiqah's blog , one of my coursemate . she felt so bored just now so i guess im gonna fill this up too hoping i could get this boredom out from my soul (if that helps)

5 things in my bag:
~ purse
~ bb
~ nokia classic
~ minyak cap kapak [i just cant live without it]
~ what else? err...dust ? :D

5 things in my wallet:
~ identical card
~ debit card
~ driving license
~ paper money
~ a few coins

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
~ my super single bed [ it looks more like a king-sized now since we combined both of the super single bed ]
~ used to be the desktop but since i already got my lappy , so it's no longer my fav thing lah
~ my wardrobe
~ the small aquarium [though my Mei Hui just died , damn u sis for not keeping an eye on it !]
~ the air-condition ? erk erkk

5 things I wish to do :
~ renew my driving license
~ picnic with the babes
~ watch more movieessss
~ shopping
~ meet misterloveqbal [impossible since he's in sepang now]

5 things I’m doing now :
~ typing
~ listening to songs
~ sms-ing him
~ bbm-ing teliks [dang u celcom! u're so sloowwwww!]
~ hugging bolsters?

okay filling this up makes me hungry even more . so lets have our dinner shall we ?

oh we're just having a fight last night and im missing you already :D

ya Allah please protect him throughout his 'trip' . Amiiiiinnn

he's not going for a trip or something actually . he's heading to sungai besi and i was wondering why sungai besi ? why not subang ? okay im soooo over the board . HAHA

well it's more like a lawatan-sambil-belajar . kind of like that . he told me that he's going to learn on how to fly a plane because he usually do that in flight simulator not in real life . so i guess he really wants to discover the joy of flying an airplane , i mean the real airplane!

i hope u can learn your lesson well so that i one day u can take up flying license and i dont have to trouble myself to book for airasia/firefly tickets to go back to shah alam :D okay verryy the childish la i ni .

have fun dear ! cant wait to hear your storiesss !

see how excited he is ?

dreaming to fly a real one ?

bajet macam professional ye awak ? ;D

May 3, 2011

u irritate me much !

want to :

renew driving license , buy more syriaaaaasss , buy skirts .

thank you :)