December 26, 2009

lagi lagi gila gila

uh great.

just got back from kelmaju.

kawan papa pny mayb dpt murah cket kot..haha

hp tu.....i left it be repaired

hope sempat siap this week..

cuz nex week i'll b shifting to puncak..again!


so as for now,im using my old phone..yg giler hang jugakk..huih..

i cnt even text anyone..but the weird thing is i can make a phone call!

aiyohh..gilaa kaa..mau cpt abes krdt ak..hahaa...tawfiq!i nid u for t04..ahahhahaa...juz kdim dude

i dun care how much i hav to pay,just let them do their job..i just want my phone to be normal and well-functioned..thats all..

keyboard off!

p/s - it's abnormal when ur phone cant text anyone.

: till then :

xpress music 5610

kejap lg nk pi kdai phone..

nk repair fon sy yg giler x terkata ini.

hope dpt solve the kegilaan in my fon.

wish me luck!


p/s - feel like buying a new one..ohh dream on!

: till then :

December 25, 2009

shop shop

saya si shopaholic?

yes i am.

im not a hypocrite nor a two-faced girl.

im niny..just niny..

n i admit that i love shopping damn much.

as for this semester break,i have bought :

  • 7 shirts
  • a white pants [i want this sooo bad n kept searching for it for almost a month,n i finally have it!thanks umi ]
  • a b.u.m shoes [ mggantikan the silver one ]
  • a 2-inch-flip flop [ ini mjd kebiasaan sy yg giler flip flop ]
  • cute socks from sox world [ini idea papa..die kate stokin yg ade jari2 tuu cute]

i want moreee n moreee bajuuuu..!! clothes give me new spirits..but apart from being a shopaholic,i shud hav just think bout those yg xmampuu..hmm..guess i shud start saving now [cehh..mcmla pkai duit sdiri] hahaha..

i will shop till i drop this week..cuz im not gonna do it anymore when im in,shopping laa puas2 before getting jailed at puncak..ahahhaa..

im off

p/s - pokaila bakal suami sy nanti..haha..juz kdim honey

: till then :

December 24, 2009

i love u student portal >>> [wat the heck]

'n' to the 'e' to the 'r' to the 'v' to the 'o' to the 'u' to the 's'

there u hav it!

i know it's like freaking blurr when u read it the first time,but hey!it's good to exercise ur eye muscles and brain back..after a month and a half of semester break [utk bdk2 uitm n skutu dgnnya]

writing bout semester break,it gives me this kind-of-negative feelings cuz i kinda forget certain things in FAR..n so do MGT..haiyohh..

enough of that.

the latest prob im facing now is

why cant i check my room num for the next semester when everybody else can?it's freaking weird to know that everyone in my soon-to-be house[or room?] dah tau diorg pny blik when im not..uhh..x aciiii!

ohh my 'deary' student portal,do u hate me that much?!


ok fine!i wont talk bad bout u nemore..i know i used to say that u r so lembab when i was trying to check my results that day..

a BIG sorry then!

puas hati?

p/s - i've gone crazy with this stupid[who0opsiee..=D] student portal.

n that answers why im talking to it eventho it's not even alive.

im outta here

: till then :

December 22, 2009


just finished watching this japanese drama..recommended by my ex-roomate,suraya hani..haha..tengs su!

TAIYOU NO UTA..a.k.a A SONG TO THE SUN..can be categorized as sad drama series..the plot is more likely to 1 litre of tears,.to those who have watched 1 litre of tears,then plis do watch this story as erika sawajiri plays the character of amane kaoru..she's the heroin beb!i like her..she's sweet..heee..eventho in reality,sakit matakuuu melihat caranya berpakain..ahhahaa...

actually,cite ni dah lama sbenarnye..perhaps all of u da tgk dah cite's just me yg br je nk tgk..ahahhaa..after all,hero die pun boleh tahann..woot2.. o_O

hekhek..well,first time tgk muke die,cam x hot sgt..then as i watched it,episodes by episodes,i realized die mmg boleyy tahann laa..the way he acts,the way he deals with unexpected things in his life makes him hotter than ever..owh..[gilee ke pe aku ni] dun worry baybee,u're still in my heart..hehe..

this is the synopsis of the story..i took it from the wikipedia..just to share it with u guys..hehe..

While working at a seaside inn with his high school buddies, Fujishiro Koji meets Kaoru Amane, a street musician. Kaoru is suffering from an incurable disease called XP (xeroderma pigmentosum), and can’t be exposed to the sun. Under the sun, the two would never have met. Still, destiny brings the two together. Since the day he suddenly lost his job, Koji has lost sight of his dreams. But when he meets Kaoru, who is making positive efforts to become a singer, Koji regains his long-forgotten passion for music.

hehe,..enjoy the drama peeps!

: till then :

December 20, 2009

lapar lapar lapar...makan makan!

im planning of :

  • renewing my identity card [ic]..hey!im 18 already..since 2 months ago?eheh.
cnt wait to see my whole new ic.with my so-called new look..wat da fish..yelaa..u guys asyik gelakkan my ic je..i know i look like a mak datin with the 'royal' hair of mine,n the 'royal' tudung of that wisma persekutuan.uhh!! ok,im gonna do it fast,before my precious pimples muncul..ahahah
  • 'jogging' with the babes n my baby..ahah..
i know he will be like this when i ask him "oo0o0o joging...'joging' la sgt kann..." hehee..u know me well,baybeh!ahhahaa...alaaa...bleh photoshoot pe..kam2??hahaha...
  • eating ns lemak TC..owh..havent touch it since i came home last month..ahahhaa..
owh.i have this crave of eating their sambal sotong and's unique cuz normally when we heard of ns lemak,it wil be like,a plain rice with smbal sotong,udang,kerang,ikan blis...and whatsoever but not sambal daging![it's not serunding ok..we kelantanese called the serunding as sambal daging]

adakah ini menunjukkan saya lapar teramat?


im off

: till then :

gunalah pantene hair fall control..utk mbotakkan lg kpala anda!oyeahh..


ingt nk post gmbr2 ms dkat resort aritu.

tp cam malas.


im still da same old me.

the malas me.


nk tgk jgk?

silela tgk kat fb saya.


kenapa sy taip begini?.

kerana nak pnjgkan blog.

mcm tahix saja.

sy tahu.

p/s - im getting bald nam i need u!

im off.

: till then :

December 19, 2009

sleep.aircond, baby!

jingg gala ka jing gajing jing gala gajing gajing..swakk2!heyy!

*doing the ahmad albab's dance*

face this people!

im not insane,im not crazy,im not gonna be insane,and im not gonna b crazy.

this is what i'll be when i cudnt get enuf sleep.

ya right.uh!

went to bed at 2.00 am ++..yes,dont say anything.i know it's damn early n supposedly i should've get too much of sleep.but here's the fact.I DONT!

cuz i had to wake up early this morning cuz papa said pakcik2 or abg2 will come to my house utk service-kan segala aircond yg ada di rumah ini.

or else,mereka2 itu akan terpegun melihat saya ber-kuak lentang di katil biru super single itu.

kenapa sy tidur awal?

it was all bcause of the stupid camp.uhh..

no not going for a camp or something..i had enuf of this camping sorry kesatria.ahah

the thing is,my bayb is the one who's going for a camp.

he's just finished his last paper like the day before yesterday,n he's going for a camp this morning..n he didnt even get the chance to enjoy himself afta the finals yet.owh..miat itu teramatlah kejam.

i cnt imagine if i were to be je lps abes final,dh kena turun pegi camping..aiyohh..

hope he's having fun there..enjoy urself with the insects dear!ahah.

im off

: till then :

December 18, 2009

ayuh kita berpantun!wat da heck..?

tonite?webcam-ing wif my kura2 tersayangg..hakhak..

last night,slept at 5.00 am and chatting wif him..all nite long..ahhahaa..
i miss him like crazyyy ok...
cuz he's been soooo busy wif his finals for the past 2 weeks..n now,he's done with it!im happpy for u baybehh!heheee...

it was my turn to wait for him..yeaa,i admit that my finals were longer than's like..3 weeks or something?aaahh..nevermind..2 weeks of being so lonely and boring without having anyone to msg with was likeeee really crazzy!uhh...i was trying to put myself in his shoes,n thank God,i didnt end up at hospital sakit jiwa..hahahahaa..syukurr..

stomach is bloating.
feel like farting.
feel like burping.

p/s - that's the pantun of the day..ahah!

im off!

: till then :

hapy BORN-day..baaa baaa black sheep! =D

..khas utk MOHD EQBAL..

dec 18th 2009,genaplah usia 18 thn buat my darlim yg kecil molek itu...kecil tp cute dan cumil gituu!!ahahahaa...[bodek2]

boleyy tgk cite2 adults daa...wakkakaka..juz kdim..i wasnt supporting him ok..just for a joke,to tell u that he is already 18..u know all those adults scene are written 18sg,18sx or whatsoever alphabet..ahhahaa...dont get me wrong ok..

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY my honey po!

[note that,the name honey po is given to him by me from the character of 'PO' in my used-to-be fav tv programs..TELETUBBIES...hakhak..]

alaa..yg kaler merahhh n yg paling
kecil dan CUMIL suits u well sayang..=D

just wanna go thru back the memories we shared together..all the ups and downs we've been thru..owhh...

  • thanks for giving ur love n heart to me..hoho
  • thanks for being there for me especially when i need u the most..
  • thanks for being so honest with me..eventho sumtimes it's quite hard for me to accept it..but what can i say,honesty is the best glad u have that in u!
  • thanks for teaching me how to use the clutch..[u know how 'kalut' i am when handling the clutch]
  • thanks for calming me when i was scolded by nakal,yey!ahhahaa
  • thanks for teaching me how to play bowling
  • thanks for always try to find the lightest bowling ball for me,cuz u know i cnt hold heavy things,cuz my hand will get shaky and bla3..ahhaha
  • thanks for saving me n my sis from getting attacked by a snake..i know u're not into snakes,but the way u act,it shows how much u love me..u put ur feelings away just to make sure that i was save from the snakes..
  • thanks for the surprise u gave me at the lcct..i didnt expect u wud do it for me..
  • thanks for lending me ur shoulder while we were watching movies at tgv seremban..i got scared,i mean too scared til i accidentally push ur shoulder like a couple of times..[it's weird, i know,u get scared,u push sum1's else shoulder..ahaha..what the fish]
  • thanks for the little kura2 u gave me..i named it "tott" from the character of wonderpets..u know,tott the tortoise!hahaha
  • thanks for always listen to my 'sound effect'..hehee..[burping and whatsoever]
  • thanks for accepting me just the way i am..
  • thanks for 'jogging' with me..eventho i was walking all the time,n u kept on saying "cam ni rupenye bdk pompuan joging" heeee...
  • thanks for the watch u gave me..[too sad,it's not functioning well anymore..sorry baby..=( ]
  • thanks for the not-so-bangle u gave wearing it now,n i never take it off from my'll always be at my wrist...forever
  • thanks cuz u're willing to walk and shop with me for hours,u know im a shopaholic!eheh..
  • thanks for taking care of the beans that i asked u to plant..

and lastly,thank you for everything,including the one i didnt mention up there..ahahaa..kalau ade la..hehhee...

tooku hanareteru hodo ni,
chikaku ni kanjiteru

i like this japanese quotes..i told u this once,but im not sure whether u still rmbr the meaning or not..if xtau,msg la sy ye..x msg i sekeh2,pulah2,puk2,nga plepim2 u nati..ahahhahaa..[kejam molep]

ingt nk post gmbr2 kitorang,tp cam malas plak..hahaha..nantila nex time ye..hahaaa

: till then :

December 15, 2009



will be at perdana resort for a sleepover..ahah!

just the four us..hee..[isn't it great if my dalinkk kura2 can join us..sigh]

mauu njoy sama itu laut,pasir,layang2,dan semuaaaa...hahaaha

and not forgetting,photo shoot!eheh..

i love beaches.FULLSTOP.

: til then :

December 14, 2009

satu always

*sunday,dec 13th 2009*


just finished checking the academic calendar at student portal..n guess what,pendaftaran kolej will b on the 2nd of january,n my flite ticket is on the 27th of dec!oooookkaayy......the gap is like almost a week..more like 6 days..aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh...what am i going to do in that '6days'..???if only the flite tickets are just like the bus tickets..they can just sell the tickets to thinking of doing the same thing,but what to do..aaaaaaaaahhh...and if only i can just postponed my flite dates..if airasia mmg langsung x boleyyy..!huihh..payoh baso sumgoh..hahaha..

im not sure of firefly's..hrp2 bleh postpone..huhu..if not,there will only b two's either :

a) burn the ticket and buy a new one [satu pembaziran]
b) have a 6-dull yet boring-days in kl at my aunt's house..owhh..[teramatlah bosan]


*monday,dec 14th 2009*


papa said that he already postponed my flite ticket to 2nd of jan by just adding RM58?ahh....lupekan!yg pnting.....i can stay here in kb for at least a week longer!fuhh...satuuu kepuasann bg telingakuuu mendengar berita itu..hoho..

tengss papa!heheee =D sayangg papaa bangat2!hehe..n sorry for being too careless cuz i read the wrong calendar..ehhee..damn you UITM!for the ayt yg mengelirukan..eheh..sorry..didnt mean to menyumpah,but at least i didnt say those four letter words like the 'f' word and the 's' word..

n yes,it wasnt uitm's fault..think it was me......kot!!ahhahahahaaa

sayaarrr memangggg kelingg ling ling ling...

: till then :

December 12, 2009

butterflies-in-stomach scene =]


this is the only word that i can say for now..all my hardships and my hardwork has finally been paid..thanks to Allah s.w.t.

* dec 11th 2009, at 1.30am *

was listening to namida no theme by shinji kakijima when suddenly papa's smile came across my mind..
n the teary part started to begin...HAHA.
i was scared of seeing my own results..i cudnt take the risk of getting kicked out to branch,i cudnt imagine myself looking at papa's face if i told him that i didnt get the minimum cgpa needed for fast-tracker,n WORSE,i certainly dont want to let him down...

naz im-ed me thru fb,asking bout my results,n i told her i didnt check it yet..sobb-ingly,i told her how i felt,n she gave me lotsa kata2 smgt to cheer me up..tengs nazz..ur kindness is very much appreciated!hehee...nex sem ak blanje jambuu pak cik yg ko suke sgt tu..ehehhee..

back to the story..hehe..i was throbbing like crazy [ok,sounds like sum1 has just confess his love to me] hhahaa...but then,it was a really nervousing moment where i cud feel my legs wobbled..owhh..
results turned my legs to jelly!haha..

tried to bukak the student portal for like zillion times to check my rsults,unfortunately,it kept on going
"the page cannot be displayed " ..huhh...dhla tgh nervous cam nk gile..hadoii..n finally with Allah's will,dpt jgk msk student portal tu dh pkul 2pg lebih?ntah..lupe!

dengan lafaz bismillahirrahmanirrahimm....i typed my id num and my ic num,n once again,afta reciting prayers,i submitted it..n the first word that came into my eyes was " keputusan = AD [Anugerah Dekan] " i was shaking my head,rubbing my eyes with the back of my palm and still,the same word i saw..meaning i wasnt dreaming or mis-seeing or whatever things laa that cud might happen to a clumsy girl like me..hoho..

seconds after that,tears started to roll down my cheeks and woke my sis up..[eheh..sory sis!] although she was a bit blur when i told her bout my results,at least u did open up ur eyes and witnessed every single tears in me..hehee..

then,i rushed to papa's room..knocked the door and papa was asking

papa = "sapoo..????" [he might thought i was a burglar or something] haha..
me = "ninyyyy..." dgn nada agak sayuu..hehe..

he opened the door and when he looked at me with all the tears,he frowned and asked me

papa = "gapo..??" [in daze]
me = "cek dohhh....heeee..."
papa = "ohh...gano?buleh?"
me = "emm!" [nodding]
papa = " papa oyap dohh..nyo bulehh ehh..." [smiling proudly perhaps]

and i hugged papa while crying..heee...umi yg ketiduran suddenly woke up..n i hugged her too..owhh..i love this hugging moments!hekhek =p terasa disayangi gituu!awww2! hekhek..

tired of crying,tired of waiting the lembab-yet-bermasaalah pny student portal,finally..i went to bed..hehe..and when i was on my bed,i cudnt sleep well enough..i didnt know why..perhaps i was still shocked of getting dean's list..haha..alhamdulillah..

.hurt my back.

.off to bed.

: till then :