November 25, 2009


huhhh.......there u go..!!i've finally poured it out..hahaa..

why does my life now has to be sooooooooooooooooo empty?

the word 'empty' means that im damn's not that im losing sum1 i love [oh no no no..] we're still 2gether..up until now..alhamdulillah..heeee...

despite all that boring thingy,i cud hear my results are calling and waving me now..i dunno what it's going to be..whether it's going to be a success,or a failure..nauzubillahiminzalikk..i will accept my results just the way it is..hoping that it cud be a success..not a failure..cuz i blive,everything single thing that Allah s.w.t gives,is actually the best-estt thing for me..i know myself,yes i do..but Allah s.w.t knows me more than i's scary to hear that ur granny dreamt of u getting kicked out of puncak while at the same time,u dreamt of re-taking the eco n mgt test [which is supposed to be taken by the part 2 - normal trackers] huuu...ya Allah,pls tell me that this will only be DREAMS that will never come into the reality life..amiiiiiinnn....

ok,enuf with the's getting on my nerves now..haahaa..i cnt wait for this nov 27th..!!yes,i know it's hari raya haji,but there is sumtin bhind the date that makes me sooooo eager of it..hehe..

just finished replying comments on kucai's status on fb..haha..ok,they want me to blanja them at kopitiam..y me guys? the only gal n u guys are all why not u guys take over my place n blanja me?hehe..c'mon a gentleman!ahahhahaa...=p [i'll b dead meat if they read this]

somehow,i kinda miss the's only 4 of us left in kb cuz everybdy just went back to their 'jail'..n i heard some of them will be coming back for this hari raya haji except for melim..huuuuu..i miss her a lot..her laughter,her 'hydrophillic',her pporah [who0psie..],hehee..juz kdim maa..heee...she said she's not gonna come back cuz her fam's gonna go there n celebrate the hari raya with her at gambang..huuu...i dunno when will i ever see her again..perhaps the next hols?'s a bad thing to realize that the intersession [where all the normal trackers got hols when we,the fast trackers dont!] is just about to begin..we're gonna have a very short hols and i myself cudnt guaranteed if i ever gonna have a chance to meet her..I MISS YOU AMALEEN SHUKRI..we've been bestfriends since we're in form 1..n i cud still remember each n every bits of moments that we shared..our moments together will be cherished forever..n yes,we shared the same luck where we were forced to take courses that we didnt want by our parents.she's taking medic n me?yeah,im doing this accountancy thingy..but syukur alhamdulillah..cuz of papaa's berkat,im starting to accept this course just the way it is [still not gonna say that i like this course] hahaa...but bits by bits,my heart is starting to sincerely like this course..syukur n thanks to Allah s.w.t for this..

n yes,there were some shocking news bout my's an old news's just that im too bz with my life at puncak that i never have the chance to figure out bout it..n yes,this hols reveals everything..tengs to it..ahhaa..


: till then :

November 15, 2009

: venue = seremban :


final da abesssss!!now it's time to 'to4' balik ms utk tido n on9 bak kata tqah..hehee..

afta our last paper ended,which was ECO162,kami cabutttt ke sunway pyramid..

shop til we drop,tawaf satu sunway til my legs got cramped..

n sumtin happened that nite..smpai umh,cpt2 packing brg2 for our trip to miat+seremban..hehee...

actually,i was planning to give him a surprise sbg balasan[yg die buat surprise dkat lcct aritu]..


then,malam tu tido kat umh flat taman paramount..

that place was pretty scary..n creepy..dgn tgga yg agak steep n berlumut..n gelap...mmg menakutkan! i wonder how kak mira [tunang abg amir] lives there..

honestly,it was an adventure for me to live there..but after all,i survived!ehhee..

that nite,i cudnt sleep well..kejap2 bgn..kejap2 bgn..[gelabah kot]

last2,bgn trus n dah xmo tido lg..[wak kik ati jah tido meta2...xnikmat] hahaa

at 930 am,kami bergerak ke lrt taman paramount,heading to kl sentral..

from there,naik ktm to nilai..smpai kat roomate fetched us n went to miat..ehhee..

smpai di miat..the surprise began.

just let the surprise be a secret.hehe

then we had our lunch at mcD nilai..kidnap kura2 n trus ke mcD nilai..

afta that,we went back to miat to send him 'home'..haha..n i gave him three magic beans n asked him to plant it...

" take good care of it as if u're taking care of me.."


i want him to handle the magic beans with care hoping that he will not be lonely..bakal beans yg akn bercambah itu bernyawa n hidup seperti manusia yg memerlukan oxygen dan air..hehe..[wth?]

the next day,kami ke jusco seremban..met arif and this boy [dunno his name,sorry] n we went for a first,we planned on watching 2012[sedih cite meatball xde!sob2..],but then 2012 full!,cite 4th kind mjd pilihan..bapak 'best giler' ini myesal pun ade..haha..but i dun mind,as long as he's with me,cite yg boring pun jd best!hekhek =p

it's a gud thing that he didnt sleep during the movie wlupun cite agak muka mengantok itu ttp ada!heheee..

then,we went to seremban parade..mkn dkat pesta thai..tomyam dia sodaaappp!hahaa...[dh pndai ckp nogori dah..akibat stay kat umh naz] wakakkakaaa

k la,dh mls nk type pnjg2..nk pi mandi dlu..

: till then :