September 23, 2009

secebis raya race utk dikongsi...


sy keboringan..

mau stadi tp agak kemalasan krn x ada mood..

moodku = hav fun! dah dkat tp msih mau njoy?




misi yg blum dselesaikan = hang out bsama kura2..

tp agak hepi sudaaa dpt raye wif him this year..wlupon no duit rayee..eheh..[baso gilo pitih]

but sokay,kasih saye sbg duit raye gtuuuu....awww2!

n a big tengsss to my besties for lending me ur ears to hear my probs n my ngepeks..HAHAHAA

as owez,the raya race was superbbbbb!!i love it the most!

gonna miss this..we'll do it again nex yer..aite?=]

ni pics 2nd day raya kat umh sue me!


unfortunately,6 ahli xleh join,so it's only 8 of us..

: till then :

September 20, 2009

pressure = cirit birit + sakit kepala yg melampau

i feel so depressed right now...

i felt like i dont wanna go back to puncak anymore...

i just wanna stay here..having fun..fighting with my sis..that's way better than im staying in puncak,having a lot of pressure to carry on my back which i hardly can..

FAR's hard for me to understand it...i dunno why..but not when it comes to chemy,or physics or science..

tears will roll down on my cheeks each n every time i learn FAR 100..

i want my chemy back..='(

i want to see the experiment made by baby lilly over and over mau di 'beng2' oleh tcer chemy dkat mukherG..

i dun wanna look at the calculator anymore..n so do frank wood..

the pain im suffering gets deeper by days...

sumhow..i kinda lose all my spirit to work hard..i dunno what i want in my life..all i know is that,i miss chemy so bad..that if i were given a chance to switch FAR 100 to chemistry,i wud have done it earlier..

sometimes...people ask me "what do u want to be in the future?"

n i'll say " a chartered accountant"..eventho i know,i dont even wanna be IT..

i can lie to others by saying that i totally like FAR 100 and give the widest smile,but deep inside my heart,im tortured by it...

tiqah used to say that " kau ni mmg btl2 bdk sains la..otak bdk sains mmg berbeza dgn bdk sastera"

she's rite..totally rite..she can see the real brain of mine..that im not into numbers,and the whole art thingy..

im not into business,not into accounts,computers,maths,..

im still waiting for the miracle to happen each n evry day..reciting prayers so that Allah s.w.t will open my heart to accept AC 110 just the way it is..

every morning when i wakeup,i always tell my heart not to hate ac 110 but to love it...

i do all these things just for one reason...for papa..he wants me to b an accountant so bad that he didnt even give me chances to be with the science subjects...which i totally love..huuu...

i feel so happy n relieved knowing that all my friends out there are happy with what they're doing..sometimes,i hate to be me..i cnt stand for my own right..if i could,i wudnt have take this course..

it's a burden for me taking this course..but demi papa,i will do it..i'll try my best to like it..eventho i know the risk is if im trying to kill the goose that laid a golden egg..

i wanna see the smile in papa's face like what i saw during my spm result came out last march 12th..i miss the smile..n his smgt to come to the anugerah sinar wawasan bcuz i was his first child to receive an award..normally,he will never go to any majlis that was held by the school..n he never has the heart to do so..

sometimes,i keep dreaming of my graduation day..imagining myself wearing a selempang[is it correct?] receiving anugerah naib cansellor..n tears of happiness are all over umi n papa's wonderful it wud be.....sob2...

i hope others can feel the same way like i my FAR lecturer,i wish u cud put urself in my shoes,knowing how hard i am to understand and digest every single thing on sorry if im a bit slow when it comes to FAR..n a big sorry for my friends in puncak especially fain,naz,farah and tqah for always menyusahkan korang utk ajar ak yg stil x faham2 sbjek itu..Im sorry for asking too much of out-of-the-box ques...smpai korang naik gila kdg2...huu...

ya ALLAH ya Rahman ya Rahim.....

please gimme the strength to carry on this..

to go through all the hardships..

and to face difficulties in learning AC 110's sbjects...

kasihanilah hamba-Mu yg kerdil ini...

I only do this for papa..

semoga keberkatan dari papa akan memberiku keajaiban..


September 17, 2009

the sweetness that lies in u...143..

im home...again!hahaha...

cnt wait for this year's raya..i dunno y..but i kinda have feelings that this year's goin to b a blast!hahahaa

today...buat temujanji dgn abg guwe yg berada di uniten ituu..utk pulang togeder2...hahaha...

flite kami pkul 340 pm..we promised to meet each other at ktm batu 3..then,head to kl sentral then akhirnya ke lcct..

* pkul 930++ am,ktm batu 3 *

me : [why is everbody's staring at me as if im an alien?]

then,i saw some of them asyik look thru the bags n the luggage that i brought along wif me..

then,i realized..rupa2nya mreka tkezut mlihat barang2 guwe yg bnyk itu..

[banyak kah?]

janji nga kupihs[my bro] nk jumpe kat ktm tu..

tggu pny tggu...smbil bersms dgn 2 jejaka yg ak sayangi..

dont get me wrong ok...

they're my bro n my kura2!hehee...

at last,smpai gak my bro..

bli tiket utk ke kl sentral...i cud say that if i were to calculate or to measure the distance that we've walked today,i think it had reached 3km with a cramped legs n hands akibat berdiri terlampau lama kat dlm ktm n memikul beg yg telampau berat..

n sorry pihs,bcuz of me u have to carry all those heavy bags yg i bwk..

i promis,nex time dh x nak bwk lg brg bnyk2..heee...

[bleh pcaya kahh?]



* pkul 12++pm *

on our way to lcct...naik aerobus..instead of skybus..ahhahaa..

kupihs said he's gonna sleep 4 the entire pjalanan nk g ke lcct tu,
alih2...dh dpt adik yg bnyk mulot n mmg xtahu masa nk berhenti bercakap,
maka terpaksalah dia membuang masanya melayan karenah adiknya yg entah hapa2 itu td..hahaha...

* pkul 1++pm *

reached lcct..
jalan2 cr tmpt utk berehat..
cuz we're running out of energy..
so,we nid a place to rest ourselves b4 continue the journey til we reach kb.. kura2 called..

kura2 : helo..tgh buat pe tu?
me : tgh tggu nk check in..kat lcct..
kura2 : oow...dh smpai ek?duk kat mn tu?kat terminal dia ek?
me : kot..[ak masih xlayak utk mjd gps terhebat di telipot]

then my bro and i went off utk mcri tmpt2 yg strategik utk brehat while searching for kdai yg mjual newspapers..[my bro was damn boring,so he wanted to read papers]

tgh jalan2....terlihat satu kelibat berpakaian serba kehitaman...
holding a black helmet..
dgn muka yg seolah2 tercari2 sesuatu...
alih2....terfikir sejenak..

me : [eh2...muka die ni,ade iras ngan si kura2..]

while pointing my fingers towards him..

kemudian...he turned back..

[agaknya die terdgr kata2 hati atau naluriku]

then,he smiled at me in all of a sudden..

i was like......."ookayy...whats that about?"

then i read something on his shirts...

tertera perkataan :


makkk aiiiiiiiiihh!!!it rily is KURAA2!!!OMG...

i was quite speechless when i finally knew that it was really him..

i thot it was only a clone of him..heheee...[akibat 3bulan tidak bertemu]

rupa2nya....die dh plan awal2 nk g lcct cuz he knew i'll be there with my bro..
agak terharu cuz he never went this far to meet me..

it was his first time riding alone to lcct..dhla xtau jalan,main ikut signboard je..

n i've spent like an hour with him..snapping pics..enjoying moments wlupon daku agak speeechless ketika itu..

kerana masih terkejut besar cuz i never thot that he wud go there just to wave me gudbye at the airport..

KAMU,tengs a bunch for accompany-ing me dkat lcct td time kupihs pegi smayang..
KAMU masih si kura2 yg sama..
the small yet adorable lovin ittt...heheee

September 5, 2009

: KJ vs KB :

im here at KJ..

kat umh auntie nana ngan ayh shid..both of them are accountants,n so am accountant to-be..heheee...

actually,lbih suke duduk kat puncak..

cuz i dun nid to mnyusahkan my uncle to fetch me at puncak n take me to their home..

but,nk jgk rs the feeling of going home during weekends..eventho it's not rily my 'home'..

tp ade la jgk rs berada di rumah sdiri...

n the best part is..



i loiiikkee...

hehee...maka nafsu utk on9 dan berblog pun membuak2..

apa lg....on9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mlm nanti ingt nk stadi far la kot..

memandangkan i only bring frank wood with me..hahaha...

buku lain xbwk..hehee

rinduu teramat sama white house..wuaaaa....

nakkkk baliiiiiiiiiiiikkk...

nak duduk dkat telipot...!!


n honestly,i am quite jealous over those IS students cuz diorang dpt cuti awal...

14hb dh start cutiiiii rayaaa....


wish i [bdk akaun] dpt cuti seawal ituu..

kst raya x beli lg..agak2 sempat x beli bile blk nanti?


things that i cnt wait for this raya :

Hi5 Emoticon

meet my fams!

Hi5 Emoticon

meet my labbly mr.kura2!

Hi5 Emoticon

memuaskan nafsu shopping yg sdh lm terpendam di hati ini..

Hi5 Emoticon

raya-race with the babes [gosh i miss this like crazy]

Hi5 Emoticon

bermanja2 dgn camera2 [posing]

Hi5 Emoticon

deraxing with them for the last time b4 dipenjarakan dan di-tensionkan oleh AC 110 fast track..

Hi5 Emoticon


nak blk skrg jugak!

ohh tidak..

sept 17th and lcct...

sdg bermain2 dgn enjoy nyaaa di kepala hotak kuu...


: till then: