February 9, 2011

for ur good sake , DONT !

im not in a good mood but will try to act like i am

all i can say is what goes around comes around . so beware people !

i'll try my best to forget about it . seriously , i need TIME !

when everything's turned upside down , time heals everything . and that's why i believe in 'masa itu emas' bcuz it helps me a lot not only to tell me to appreciate the time that im going thru , but to heal all the pain and the wound inside my heart .

this friday i'll be going back to telipot again for my uncle's wedding . n kebetulan we have 2days off , so macam dpt la berholiday selama 4 hari .. yayayayayayyayayayyaa

p/s - i appreciate if u're trying to calm me by asking "what happened?" , but i'll appreciate more if u dont ask bcuz when u ask , the pain will come . i am so sorry . this story had started here and it will end here too ! so vaivaiii :)