November 25, 2011

day #11 !

hello Mr Blog im back again after 4 months menyepi and OHMAIGOD I SEEEEE SPIDERSSSSS EVERYWHERE IN HEREEEEEE ! major clean up will be on soon .

Speaking of cleaning up , i think i have another 1o more challenges await . It was supposed to be a 20-day challenges but well being a busy womaaan (i always make myself busy even when im not) , u cant expect me to finish them exactly right on time rite ?

so yeah , i think i should change the title to 20-month challenges starting from now ;p

have fun with day #11 !

Three Favourite Songs , Movies and Shows

To be true , I have zillionsss of favourite songs in my list . I started to like music (awwh that sounds more like im-a-newbie-in-singing-industry-so-please-like-my-video-in-youtube ) when i was like 10 or something and since that , everytime i hear songs i tend to say things like "oh it suddenly reminds me of my form blablabla years " and people surrounding me will laugh as hard as they can till they cry *okay ini tipu*

hokaylaah..for the time being these are some of my fav songs

1. The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
2. Thousand Years - Christina Perri
3. Domino - Jessie J

i just think that those with Perry do have such a good voice ! :)

Three favourite movies :

1. White Chicks - i've watched this for million times but still tak pernah bosan
2. Cloudy with the chance of meatball
3. Dear John

Three favourite Shows

1. We Got Married (WOOJUNGGGG rock the show ! )
2. Kimora : Life in the Fab Lane