November 25, 2011

day #11 !

hello Mr Blog im back again after 4 months menyepi and OHMAIGOD I SEEEEE SPIDERSSSSS EVERYWHERE IN HEREEEEEE ! major clean up will be on soon .

Speaking of cleaning up , i think i have another 1o more challenges await . It was supposed to be a 20-day challenges but well being a busy womaaan (i always make myself busy even when im not) , u cant expect me to finish them exactly right on time rite ?

so yeah , i think i should change the title to 20-month challenges starting from now ;p

have fun with day #11 !

Three Favourite Songs , Movies and Shows

To be true , I have zillionsss of favourite songs in my list . I started to like music (awwh that sounds more like im-a-newbie-in-singing-industry-so-please-like-my-video-in-youtube ) when i was like 10 or something and since that , everytime i hear songs i tend to say things like "oh it suddenly reminds me of my form blablabla years " and people surrounding me will laugh as hard as they can till they cry *okay ini tipu*

hokaylaah..for the time being these are some of my fav songs

1. The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
2. Thousand Years - Christina Perri
3. Domino - Jessie J

i just think that those with Perry do have such a good voice ! :)

Three favourite movies :

1. White Chicks - i've watched this for million times but still tak pernah bosan
2. Cloudy with the chance of meatball
3. Dear John

Three favourite Shows

1. We Got Married (WOOJUNGGGG rock the show ! )
2. Kimora : Life in the Fab Lane

July 29, 2011

# 10

10. Your celebrity crushes

yeay me ! i am halfway done :D mwehehehe . okay talk about my celebrity crushes , really reminds me of my school years actually . we used to fight over this , went emotional when others insulted our celebrity crushes , and yadaaa yadaa yadaaa . *thinking of it makes me gelak sorang sorang now*

naaahh tu diaaaa . one of my fav celebrity :D and im having a hugeee crush on him since 2006 when i first watched 'One Litre of Tears' . He is super hot and super shweeet ! and i like him better when he's serious *wink wink*

oh how can i not love you Ryo Nishikido when you always melt me with your sweeeeet smileeee :D OH OH OH rasa macammm nak rolling on the floor ajee >.<

anddd loook at his cuteeeee face ! awwwwwhhhhh isn't he the cuteesst boy everr . okay sgt melampaaauuu ! i'll be dead if misterloveqbal read this . oh wait , he rarely online so i bet he wouldnt read this right ? mwehehehe

okay im off ! byee !

July 25, 2011

# 9

9. Favorite quote

okay i used to love quotes and poems when i was in form 2 and yeaah , i've came across a lot of good quotes that even i myself never thought of one *ughh bajet kau tu a.samad said ke hapee ?? *

and as for now im gonna tell you only a few of my favourite quotes . though they're just simple and short and of course , without any bombastic words , but to me the meaning is soo deeep that it went through my veins when i heard 'em for the first time . SERIOUSLY

" Eventhough you cant see something , it doesn't mean that it is not there "

i first heard this quote when i was 7 or 8 years old . it was in a movie called 'the small soldier' . As i grow older , i manage to figure out the meaning in many different ways . A pretty good example is God . You cant see Him now of course but that doesn't mean that He's not there to watch your every move . So whatever you do , do it for Him :)

" Why afraid of falling down because you can always stand up again"

this one , i heard it when i was 15 and it was in a japanese tv series called One Litre Of Tears . Life is just like a roller coaster . There are times that we manage to be on the top , and fall down when the time comes . well some of us just dont wanna fall down right ? let's face this . whatever doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER ! failure wont kill us all , they just hurt our hearts , thats all :) so whenever you feel like falling down , dont worry , happiness is awaiting ! so stand up boys and girls !

p/s - gotta sleep early , imma career woman now . muahahaha *perasaan* ;p

July 23, 2011

# 8

8. Your hobbies

okay to be true , i never stick to one hobby . i always have different kinds of hobbies depending on the season . muahahahaa . like there will be one time when my online mood is at the peak so my hobby for that time is facebooking , blogging , downloading songs /movies and everything relates to the internet . but now i always feel kinda lazy to get my lappy n surf the net so i end up sitting on the couch , holding a remote control and tune in to AFC , TLC , FNA , and bla bla blaa that relates to cooking .

oh and i love window shopping too . i'll be very happy if i manage to find one cool outfit because at the end of the day im gonna bring my mom and get her approval and wallaaaahhh the outfit is aaalll mineeeeeeeee !! moahahahahahaaa *evil laugh*

btwy i love to hang out too . i dont care where or when as long as i have my babes around with me , it'll be a total blast !

well i still have many other hobbies to tell , but since im running out of time , i guess i'll have to stop now . well , there's no end in 'my hobbies list' laa i tell youuuuu . sampai besok pun tak habis kot :D

okay bye !

July 17, 2011

back on track :)

7. Your biggest fears

okay as for me , i do have a lot fears . fear of heights , fear of ants , fear of riding a motorcycle , fear of buses .... in short , im afraid of everything . err okay , not all actually because im not afraid of cats , or frogs like most people do . it's weird how im afraid of ants when frogs and i can actually be like bestfriendsss ?? oh okayy we may not be bestfriends (thats too much) but at least i can still go near them and touch them and belai them and kiss them and wallaaaaahhh a handsome prince charming , right in front of me >.< muahahahahaha . okay stopp it . you're starting to get out of the topics .

okay back to where we started , apart from all the fears that im having , the biggest one is of course , Allah s.w.t . As a muslim , i am afraid of God for i know i have done a lot of sins , they're just countless , im just afraid for what kind of punishment will i get for all of my wrongdoings , sometimes thinking about it makes me go teary and i feel like i dont deserve to be in heaven . ya Allah please forgive me :'( im trying my best to be a good muslim now . ya Allah please show me the right path and lead me to heaven .

amiiiiin ya rabbal al aminnnnnnn .

July 8, 2011

cikGOO HARA . okay it's cikgu laahhh :D

i finally became a so-called lecturer to one of my babes this evening . she asked me to teach her statistics which i took during my second or third semester of my diploma . *okay nak jugak kan ckp diploma tu* i know you guys would have probably been saying

" alaaahh..kalau setakat QMT tu adik aku punggg boleh ajar "

but to me , it is really challenging because i need to recall them back . how do i get this figure , what is a box and whiskers plot and blaa blaa blaa . i do have problems with my memories lately so yeah it ain't easy after all . but at least i managed to get her understand the topic . *i hope she does* :D

oh now i can finally wish myself a happy teacher's daay . woaaaaahhhh !

and by the way who says being a lecturer is easy ? you need skills . i mean teaching skills ! if you understand the subject very well but dont know how to deliver the message to others , then there's no use maaaannn i tell you . *if you wanna be a lecturer laa kan*

and if you feel like not having that skills , i think you should just leave them aside , make them your veryyy last choice . you could be a CEO , CFO , COO or anything that starts with the letter C .

well after all , the choice is all yours to make . chill people :)

July 3, 2011

sleep tight kids , mommy loves u

hello everyone !

okay before that , WELCOME BACK ! :D i've been away for quite some time , well i didnt go anywhere actually . it's just that , my writing mood is facing her kinda ups and downs plus , i adopt two kittens last thursday and with that , I AM NOW A SINGLE MOTHER OF TWO ! i havent had any pet since 2006 and wow , that was like 5 years of being a teenagers again ;p i miss being a so-called mother so i decided to adopt my babies and of course , i didnt have my papa's approval at first , but alhamdulillah when i brought my kids home , he seems to accept 'them' , slowly . ^.^

talk bout being a single mother , i am actually training myself to be a real mom , a REAL ONE arachii ? hihi well every morning i need to get up as early as 7 am ( no sleeping after subuh prayer) to clean their poops , and prepare their breakfast meal (though i never had breakfast for myself ) and continue sleeping until 10am . then i have to spend my time playing with them because they'll keep on meowing if i didnt play with them . And at 2pm , have to prepare their lunch and about an hour later , bathe them (this is not daily , it's only once in every 3days) . change their 'bedsheet' , and at 9pm , prepare for their last meal which is dinner .

it is tiring but the feeling of raising them and see them happy makes me feel ... well it's undescribable ! too happy i would say :)

well someone used to say that one day , our pets will come and greet us in the afterlife . if we greet them now , they'll greet us one day in the day after too . remember what karma says ? ^.^

i hope Gorgeous a.k.a Gorgy and Tom Cat a.k.a TC will greet their 'mommy' one day :)

mommy will wait for you taaauuu :')

June 27, 2011

you :)

as for now , im not gonna continue doing the challenge . well after browsing through all the pictures , i just realized how im goin to miss you one day . i know this may sounds gay or lesbo , but this is the true feelings that im having now . u're the first person i got to say 'haai' when i first stepped in shah alam . u're the first friend that i have back then when i was all alone without my family . (i told u im really sensitive when it comes to friendship) i realized how grateful i am to meet you .

during our first meeting at 1B13 , i saw u cried . but during our probably-last-meeting last few days , i was the one who cried . i didnt even want to look at you after saying goodbye becauseee i was about to cry and i didnt want you to cry too . after all when i think about the future ,i cant be selfish .i cant force her to stay with me because who am i to do so . 2years of friendship has really given me something . MEMORIES that i'll cherish one day . you never gave up on me though i know i may had been such a loser to you . im sorry if i ever done anything wrong for the past 2 years . she's my all-time assignment partner , my ups and downs partner,and i am glad how both of us managed to get along quite well though we're from different states . i miss talking heart to heart with her in the toilet . i miss everything . getting to know her family is such a wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.

how i wish you could stay with us for another 2 and 1/2 years . i really wish for it :)

June 21, 2011

6. If you were locked in a room for 24 hours with the person you don’t like, how would you pass the time?

okaay this is weird . HAHA . well if that person is a girl then i would probably have some girls talk . but if that person is a boy , i think i would ignore him and just keep on texting misterloveqbal until i ran out of credits and after that , my celcom bill would reach up to RM 1.5k because im gonna spend the whole day talking on the phone with my parents , him and my babes . Just to fill up the time :)

and if that room got wireless , i think would probably posted something like " OMG ! im stuck in a room with a weirdo ! someone please call 911 or i'll die ! " muahahahaha

okay thats not even funny because i could just call the 911 instead of posting such crappy things which will only make people go " ohh pity her , her facebook account just got hacked "

okay im off ! bye :D

June 16, 2011

5. What do you look forward for next year?

ermm well , our 21st birthday , our 4th anniversary , and err err what else huh ? i seriously cnt think of anything right now . maybe im just too tired with all the 3-day-test and quizess . ohh i still cant believe that my final exams are just around the corner . it begins with Audit and a few days gap , wallaaaahhh ! my final paper for this diploma which is Malaysian Taxation 2 or in other words, Tax 2 ! i kinda like this subject , but my all-time carelessness has making me realized that it is actually quite tough for me to pass this paper with flying colours . but whatever it is , im gonna try my best not to be soo careless next time . wish me luck people ! :D

p/s - somehow this post went out of the topic , i know i should have answered the question but you know the time when someone get so excited over something , they will usually forget things .... oh well i didnt touch my broadband since last sunday so now you know the story behind the excitement right ? oh erm i know you just dont get the picture do you ? okaaay whatever .

im out ! bye !Align Center

June 11, 2011

# 4

4. Your new years resolution

oh ermmm errrr errrkkkk...*crick crick* ........honestly , i dont believe in new years resolution because of one reason , IT NEVER WORKS ON ME ! -______-

but since this is a challenge , so by hook by crook i'll have to make one too . lets just pray that THIS is reallly goin to happen :)

ohh okaay here it goess . since im going to have my degree next year , i will study even harder because my senior said it's goin to be tougghhh . you'll have your third languange subjects along with you for freaking THREE semesters and if you fail any subjects you're gonna have to EXTEND one semesters and that will give u a three-year of degree instead of just having a 2 and 1/2 years only . ohhhhh it's waaaaaaaaayyy much tougher than i thought :((

errr what else ? hmmm...i think one resolution is already enough for me . i dont wanna waste my kinetic energy to write such long resolutionssss when i cant even fulfill one . so yeah ,i end my post withhh a BIG GOODLUCK for myself hoping that i will finally fulfill this one freaking resolution -_____-

i have one tips for the third languange , avoid taking languages like korean,japanese,or mandarin if you feel like not having so much stress on it because as you know , these languagesss , they have their own writing skills if you know what i mean . oh well to make it simple , they're not using the abc to spell , they use their own alphabets which means you're gonna have to learn double , the languages and the writing as well .

Unlike french (im not discriminating other languages) they still use the abc to spell their word . for example : merci . so you dont have to waste your precious time cracking your brains to memorize the freaking weird alphabets to spell the word :)

have fun learning everyone ! you know yourself more than i do so choose it right .

the future is in YOUR hands

oh okayy im gonna stop now . really . bye !

June 10, 2011

# 3

3. Five likes and dislikes


1) encyclopedia . i love general knowledge ^.^
2) minyak cap kapaaak and minyak yu yee
3) chemistry . oh i misss this subject likeeeee crazy :(
4) animaaaals
5) sunway lagooooon :)


1) dairy products especially milk and cheese
2) western food
3) historrryyyyyyy . ughh
4) formality . i hate formal attire , act formally and anything relates to it .
5) boastful people . duhh , do you really need to show things off ?! -___-

June 9, 2011

# 2

2. Five positive and negatives about you


1) some said im friendly , i think i can mix well with the others . [i think so]

2) i learn a lot from my mistakes , so yeaah , i think it's positive enough

3 ) i dont mind waiting for soooo many hours .

4 ) i love animals as much as i love the people around me ?

5 ) im a forgiving person , i forgive people for what they did to me in the past because to me , i should let the bygone be the bygone :)


1) i forget things very easily , so i should call myself a forgetful person -_____-

2) insects and i dont really get along , so thats why i hateeeee ants and cockroaches

3) i hate western food especially the super smelly cheese . im the black sheep of the family because im the only one who hatess western food , so i guess that is negative enough because my family will have to consider my taste too if we're out for dinner .

4) i sometimes do like to bottle things up which is why i dont complaints on certain things (i do complaints, but just internally) :p

5) i like to bully my sister because she annoys me sometimes , so yes , im her evil big sister ! MUAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*

p/s - honestly i was having a hard time filling the negatives part so i guess im a goood girl after all :p hihihihii >.<

ok bye ! enough withh all the perasaaannn thing -_____-!

June 8, 2011


did i tell you that i dont have class for tomorrow ? well yeah ! im on holidaaayyy starting from now until tomorrow -___-

i can sleeep late tonight , forgetting that i still have tons of tutorials to be done . ughh SOS !

and moviiieessss sounds goooood too !

we're planning to watch KL GANGSTER since it'll be out on cinema starting from tomorrow . im not so sure how the movies is gonna be like , but im sure it's a good movie to watch . ehehh ^.^

i know that im not into actions and thrillers , but who knows , this movie might change my perceptions towards those kinda movies :)

# 1

1. Post a picture of you and state 10 facts about yourself

1 . my name is Niny and i'll be 20 on this coming October .

2 . i love stars , they make me realized that im actually close to my loved ones wherever im going because the stars that i see are the stars that they see :)

3 . i used to hate pink and go crazy over blue . i still remember my school days when all my stuffs were blue-coloured . i wont buy things if they didnt have the colour blue . uhhh !

4 . im currently doing my intersession at uitm shah alam and will be pursuing my degree here too on this coming September. insyaAllah

5 . i kinda love here because Shah Alam has really change half of my life . i get to learn soo many things from how to wash clothes to how to manage my own money and etc .

6 . i get nervous so easily .

7 . im afraid of dark , i just cant sleep if there arent any lights at all .

8 . i used to love spicy food , but i just cnt do so now since my tummy is getting soo sensitive lately . chillies are my worst nightmare for the time being

9 . i have stage fright . i can talk non-stop with my friends but i can be super dumb in the crowd .

10 . i have Hypsiphobia , means im afraid of heights . i remember when my dad asked me to climb the ladder and cleaned the air-condition . i thought i was brave enough but guess what ? i ended up crying on the 4th step of the ladder and my dad felt guilty so he cleaned the aircond himself . thanks papaa :')

take it and live with it

hey babes ! (why babes ? because boys , well they dont usually read my blog because my entries will always be more of a girl's story so i bet they're not interested to read 'em) :D

anyway , i just read my cousin's blog and i find it very interesting to go on a so-called-challenge (like what she's doing now )

so i think im gonna do it too ! ^.^


1. Post a picture of you and state 10 facts about yourself

2. Five positive and negatives about you

3. Five likes and dislikes

4. Your new years resolution

5. What do you look forward for next year?

6. If you were locked in a room for 24 hours with the person you don’t like, how would you pass the time?

7. Your biggest fears

8. Your hobbies

9. Favorite quote

10. Your celebrity crushes

11. Three Favorite songs, movies, and shows

12. Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why?

13. What do you see yourself in 10 years?

14. List 5 things you can’t live without

15. Write about your day yesterday

16. Who are your heroes?

17. Create a buckle list

18. Your dream wedding

19. Five places you want to visit

20. Take a picture of yourself smiling

p/s - i dont know how long will it takes me to finish those 2o challenges since im pretty busy with the tutorials and the audit lecturesss lately..duhh im gonna have my final exam like 2 weeks from now ? yikes !

but at least i know that i always have something to write whenever i feel like blogging . teeheee :D and the challengess startttt....................................NOW!

June 6, 2011

superquickupdate :)

is my shirt getting smaller or im getting fatter ?

p/s - i just weighed my body last week and it has reached 41kg !alhamdulillah :) yeaaahh like no more '3x kg' ?

hihihi >.<

May 22, 2011

fridaay , fridaayyy ! gotta get down on fridaaayy ! :p

major headache is on its waaaayyy ! dangggg !

i have 2 quizzes on this tuesday and that'll explain the headache .

by the waaay , i just came back from swimming at the komplekss renang or whatever the name is and ooohhh it feels sooooooo gooood to be in the water again ! :D

now lets turn on the study mode shall we ?

May 18, 2011

here's for you :p

일곱 단어, 미친 듯이 당신이 그리워요.............당신을 사랑합니다 !

p/s - this is not a virus , this is LOVE :)

May 16, 2011

me love you ME ! :D

tomorrow still got class ??!!! whaaat the ?! pfffft !

ohh i've been listening to this songs over and over again . this one called happy virus by kim jong kook . i am not so sure if this is a new song or what becauseee you knoww im nott thaaat big of a faaan of k-pop . well at least he does . in fact , he's a die hard fan of it ! ohhhh -______-

and he gave me this song while we were skypingg two days ago . well at first , being the usual me , i only listen to its melody , and naz asked me what the song is about (she always do that) so i started to search for the lyrics and since the song is in korean language so it's veerry veeerryy hard for me to understand it . but then lucky me , i've finally found the english version of it aaand touches my heart to the very core tauu taaakkk ! didnt know he was that romanticcccc :p

thaaaankss awaaakk :D kitee sukee laguu tuu . hihihihi *okay sumpaaah gedikk giloss*

somehow this song has given me back my moooooood yaw :))

enjoy it !

and this is the english version of it :)

I wonder how I found you
Maybe I lived a kind life
Maybe luck comes once in a while
You’re my present
Even swiftly passing by, I only see you
In my head and heart, it’s full of you
That smile, just once
I feel as though I’m in the clouds. This is love
I confess
Love you, I love you
Remember you, I only remember you
I just see and wish for you. I’m a real fool right?
Happy, I’m happy
Thank you for coming to me
While I’m alive, until I stop breathing
I will protect you, I promise

My sight, among these many people
It’s just for you, your important
you you are so beautiful~
You are so precious to me
Even today, I will make a pretty memory for you

In this world, any happiness
It’s small compared to ours’

They say all love changes
That they hate even meeting or departing
All those feelings melt like the snow
This is love~
I confess~

Love you, I love you
Remember you, I only remember you

Just looking at you, and knowing only you
It’s foolish

Happy, I’m happy
Thank you for coming to me

I will protect you, I promise
I will protect you, I promise

so i guess i am the happy virus ? muahahaha ;p *peraasaaan*

May 15, 2011

headache strikes back !

currently at kolej melati , feeling lost and lost and losssst ! and i blame my sleepiness for this ! ohh i shouldnt have slept during the asar-maghrib timeee :(

ohhh and by the waaay , i feeeel sooooo damn tired and exhausted right now . wish i could bloww this tiredness off from my brain .and fyi , this kolej melati that im staying now got no elevator meyh ! i was soooo damn happy when i first found out that we'll be staying in kolej melati instead of kolej kenanga because of one reason , kolej melati adaa lift !

i dont know bout kenanga but i was veeeryy confident that melati got elevator sbb we used to stay in melati during our first intersession last year . so i was expecting that we will stay at the same place la kaaann . but then i was told by my friend that for this intersession , we wont be staying at the same block like we used to stay . so i was pretty frustrated knowing that the block that i'll be staying takdee lift . call me childish , i wont give a damn .

that's all for tonight , gotta wake up early tomorrow morning because's our first day of class remember ? *bajetttt budak baikkk la tuu*

ok byeeee !

May 10, 2011

done renewing my driving license :D

bloody headache is back :( curseeee youuuu ! arrr ! :O

May 9, 2011

preggy mommy :)

a night full of surprises .

i just received a news from misterloveqbal saying that his brother's wife a.k.a his sister in law , kak mai finally gets pregnant . well it's their first baby after all . ohhh how sweeeet and romaaaanticcc ! :D i didnt know why i get myself soooo excited over this matter but i just looooove seeing pregnant woman :))

and i still cant believe that he's going to be an uncle now . well that makes me an aunt right ? muahhahaa ;)

kupeeeh [my brother] cepaat laaaa kawennn ! i want nieces and nephewwwssssss ! hihi

May 8, 2011

there's gotta be a reason why

i was just joking around with my dad last night about how i really want to find a job for my upcoming holidays . it so happened when i just noticed a new bridal boutique is opened nearby my house so i came up with the idea of me working at the boutique during the 2-month-holiday . i dont know what has got into me but i've been so excited lately to work at the boutique and so , as usual my dad just shooked his head and laugh -_________-

then a few hours ago , my dad suddenly said " if you still insist on going to work , then i'll find a job for you at this one accounting firm that i know " and i was like " aaahhhh ?? errrr ......" ohkaaaaaaaayyyyy i didnt ask for a serious job actually ! i just want an enjoyable and interesting job . you know those jobs that require skills and everything ?

i am seriously and definitely not ready to work at an accounting firm . eventhough i know that i might not be handling those accounts and everything , but still , it is just too big for me to carry on my back .

err..can i change my mind now ? because i'd rather stay boring than working in such a serious environment :(

May 6, 2011

cincip :)

*now lets sing*
" we're goin to a picnic with our favourite 'rocket' ship , going tooooo the beach ! little einstein ! "

oh stop it niny . u suck at singing ( palm cover the eyes )

anywaysss , we've set the date and it is going to be on this sundaaaaaay :)

i am super freaking excited because it's going to be a real picnic !

with home-made fooooods some more !

yelaa..before this we only bought all the fooods but now , i think we should change the 'strategy' so that our picnic this time will be more meaningful . oh well , 8 of us are studying at a different place so i guess holidays is what we always wait for :)

May 4, 2011

dinner anyone ?

i went blog-walking just now since i got nothing to do and tadaaaaa i found this . oh well , got it from mira fiqah's blog , one of my coursemate . she felt so bored just now so i guess im gonna fill this up too hoping i could get this boredom out from my soul (if that helps)

5 things in my bag:
~ purse
~ bb
~ nokia classic
~ minyak cap kapak [i just cant live without it]
~ what else? err...dust ? :D

5 things in my wallet:
~ identical card
~ debit card
~ driving license
~ paper money
~ a few coins

5 favourite things in my bedroom:
~ my super single bed [ it looks more like a king-sized now since we combined both of the super single bed ]
~ used to be the desktop but since i already got my lappy , so it's no longer my fav thing lah
~ my wardrobe
~ the small aquarium [though my Mei Hui just died , damn u sis for not keeping an eye on it !]
~ the air-condition ? erk erkk

5 things I wish to do :
~ renew my driving license
~ picnic with the babes
~ watch more movieessss
~ shopping
~ meet misterloveqbal [impossible since he's in sepang now]

5 things I’m doing now :
~ typing
~ listening to songs
~ sms-ing him
~ bbm-ing teliks [dang u celcom! u're so sloowwwww!]
~ hugging bolsters?

okay filling this up makes me hungry even more . so lets have our dinner shall we ?

oh we're just having a fight last night and im missing you already :D

ya Allah please protect him throughout his 'trip' . Amiiiiinnn

he's not going for a trip or something actually . he's heading to sungai besi and i was wondering why sungai besi ? why not subang ? okay im soooo over the board . HAHA

well it's more like a lawatan-sambil-belajar . kind of like that . he told me that he's going to learn on how to fly a plane because he usually do that in flight simulator not in real life . so i guess he really wants to discover the joy of flying an airplane , i mean the real airplane!

i hope u can learn your lesson well so that i one day u can take up flying license and i dont have to trouble myself to book for airasia/firefly tickets to go back to shah alam :D okay verryy the childish la i ni .

have fun dear ! cant wait to hear your storiesss !

see how excited he is ?

dreaming to fly a real one ?

bajet macam professional ye awak ? ;D

May 3, 2011

u irritate me much !

want to :

renew driving license , buy more syriaaaaasss , buy skirts .

thank you :)

April 30, 2011

lets partaaaayyy !

torture time is over baybehhhh !

now im gonna eat as much as i can ( for free some more ! ), lepak , online , shopping , bla bla blaaaaahhh

the babes ! cepat set date ! let's get wild !! :))

p/s - khas utk sam . we're waiting for your bb pin :) teeheeeee

April 27, 2011

go to hill la !

congrats FAR300 ! u never fail to make me worried :(

and yes, i'll be dating another FAR this friday . hope this one wont give me headache though i know it's totally impossible .

friday is jusssst my daaayyy yaoow!

"everybody's looking forward to the weekend"

thumbs up to rebecca black for the lyrics :D

p/s - is slowly packing up her stuffs . time to go hooooome baby !

April 21, 2011

london here i comeeeeee ! (z____Z)

screw you Mr LAW 346 !

like seriously i didnt have enough timeeeeeeeee to completeee them...

it's funny when you spent one and a half hour for a 1oo-marks-question when you only spent an hour for 300-marks-question!

baaaaaadddddd timing...baaaad strategy ! dusssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

p/s - one down , 5 more to go ! come on naaaaiii

April 15, 2011

we've made it guys !

it's the last day of class . im gonna miss them . lecturers , classmates , and the freakin' cold class .

and ohhh by the waaayy , i've madeeeee it ! i mean WE've made it..teehee.. we've been through all the hardships together . i could still remember the first thing that came into my mind when i first heard the word "part 4" (-_______-)

but u guys had made my part 4 life become great ! thankss guys . it means a lot to me :) susah senang kita bersama . itulah sahabat ! :D

now give yourself a big claaaaapppp !!

p/s - cant believe i went teary this evening .

April 11, 2011

what kind of a guy would u be if u were to leave me when i need u the most

ooohh ohhhh i just love this song !
what are words by chris medina .

i heard this song a month ago and i almost fall in love with it . but this evening , i watched the video on youtube and guess what ? IM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS SONGGGGGG ! im the kind of girl who usually fall for a song based on their melody , not for their lyrics .

but after i watched the video , the love gets deeper and yes , i cried when i first watched the video . i wasnt sad , but more to touched . i would be the most lucky girl if i were to have a bf / hubby like chris medina .

his gf suffers brain injury from an accident and he still sit by her side though she is completely different now . well lets just hope that her gf will get well soon . if you watch the video , you'll clearly get the message . he was crying while recording the song . CHRIS MEDINA CRIED WHEN HE RECORDED THE SONG ! how loving is that huh ?

M.E ! u should , no .. u MUST watch the video :)

okay im off to sleep ! oh and by the waaaayy , kelas FAR300 besok cancel ! wippiwooopppppp!

April 10, 2011

just break the leg baybeh !

it's almost 6pm and im still in front of my lappy . i should have been in front of the table, finish up the tutorials but look what i've done , spending my time browsing through the facebook over and over again . and i noticed something , i dont need drugs to get me addicted . facebook has already been my personal drugs . ughhhh darn u facebook !

all i have to do is to fight back . i cant keep on doing this . i mean my final is around 2 weeks more yet i am still blur . oh mann i seriously need to get my butt off from this bed .

im thinking of going to the faculty tonight since that's the only place where i can be enthusiastic to do my revision . well i can just study here at my house but it's a bit risky because i might fall asleep without realizing it . sadly i have no one to accompany me . well my roomates went out and they are still not home yet . lets just wait for them to come home :)

it's my final semester here so i think i should appreciate the faculty even more because that's the place where i mostly spend my time with when im here . from sunrise to sunset , that's where i'll be .

oh im so gonna miss it when i leave puncak at the end of this month :(

April 9, 2011

ta-yerd lah

im so tired of everything

tired of sticking my eyeballs to the screen , doing all the non-stop assignments

tired of forcing my eyelids late at night just to memorise but in the end i'll ruin my test because i'll forget everything that i read

tired of thinking 'when and how am i going to focus on my final exams if i still got lots of assignments to be submitted next week?'

tired of getting bad results

tired of crying for no reason especially in that period of the month

tired of meeting strangers with a very strange-yet-annoying attitude ( i really dont understand these kinda people)

tired of counting the days ( 21 days to go home)

i feel like going somewhere else where no one can find me so i can live in peace and harmony . oh tipuuu lahh . i cant live alone . no man is an island baybeh :D whatever it is , i miss my school days .

April 7, 2011

i should have received my black belt now if i didnt quit

i wasn't scared of you . i was just afraid . afraid that i might slap you on the face and punch you on the stomach like i used to do back then when i had my first sparring in standard 2 . and fyi , you make me learn how to say the four-letter-word

suddenly i miss tae-kwan-do :) it's too bad i quit just after i received my brown belt .

April 2, 2011

stop it

it's obvious . felt sorry for you . please stop bragging

April 1, 2011

cantbelieveitsalreadyapril T___T

how do you expect others to be serious when you're fooling around ? like i said , what you GIVE is what you GET !

get the picture ? !

March 27, 2011

im not a panda, im a zombieeeeeeee =(



dark circles , eye bags , pale lips.

my family at home , please get yourself an oxygen tank when u see me next two months .

AND im verrrrrrrrrrrry sad because i dont look good in pictures anymore [ bajet kau tu photogenic la before this?!] duhhh perasan habes (-____-")

till then !

March 20, 2011

get over it

dulu masa orang buat dekat kau , kau kecoh sana sini , bising tak puas hati ! tapi sekarang , suka hati nenek moyang kau je buat dekat orang balik . if you think this is revenge , then you're wrong . because u didnt just hit your target , tapi orang lain yang takde kena mengena macam aku ni yang menjadi mangsa ? what the ?!!

have you ever heard of the word PRIVACY ?

u're a genius , so use your brain la !

adaa aku kacau hidup kau ? takde kaaannnnn ?? so tak payah la nak menyibuk campur urusan aku . mine is mine !


oh yea this one really suits u well . REALLY WELL !

just back off will you? pffft ! :O

March 18, 2011

pernah main game plant vs zombiesss ??

oh hey im back again [duhhh like almost every post tulis mcm ni kaannn ]

weekend baru nak muncul , well i hope it is really going to be WEEKEND sbb lately ni , i didnt feel the excitement like i used to feel for the past 3 semesters . kalau dulu , weekend je keluar hang out ngan misterloveqbal . well not every weekend la kan .. like once in two weeks ? but now , it's hard for me to find the right time to go out with him . kalau i busy die tak busy , n vice versa . hmmmm .

wanna know why i dh jarang keluar ?okay here's the thing . dulu masa awal sem konon-konon nak save duit [sbb bile dh keluar confirm2 duit mengalir mcm air paip je kan] , then dtg pulak mr.assignments , then mr.tests and quizzes, then mr.presentation , and mr,tests and quizzessss again . haiyoooo ! so now im longing to go out sbb kalau kat sini rasa mcam nak meletop je ! rasa menyesal pulak awal2 sem aritu tak keluar . haissshhh .

homesick ? yes.. still homesick tambah2 pulak time weekend sbb time tu laaa diorang ni sume balik . good for you u dont have to stay here 24/7 . at least boleh chow dari bumi puncak yang serba boring ni kan . [but i like here better than the main campus ]

n you all tau takkk dalam kepala i ni macam tgh serabut gila nak mati . my brain wont stop thinking even when im sleeping ! siap masuk dalam mimpi lagi ! kronik betul . mana tak nya , jadual next week sgt laaa mem-pressure kan diri . well , it's not that my jadual kelas terlalu pack or whatever [it's part and parcel in my life already ] but jadual due date utk assignments and presentation dekat2.. i didnt expect it would be like this . well if u've seen my post lately about the itinerary , then you'll know :(

things that i need to settle for this weekend are :

= prepare utk presentation FAR360 [monday]
=prepare utk presentation ETR300 [tuesday]
= study utk quiz MAF330 [wednesday]
= prepare utk presentation BEL312 and BEL313 [ thursday]
= prepare utk presentation BEL 312 [ friday - in case kalau my turn tak sempat utk hari khamis ]

naaahhh . take that ! complete set of stress ! jangan terkejut pulak if i suddenly turn into a zombie next weekend . hahahahahaaadoiiiii -______-

till then :)

March 5, 2011

why worry nowwwwwwwww

im home alone and im starving

can someone please get me out of here ? :((

i dont know why lately ni macam sensitive je hati ni . hadoi .

* feel like slapping myself *

i posted something about not leaving me alone and bla3 in FB when suddenly papa reminded me of this song . well he used to sing this song in the car masa i tgh nak spm kot . i was pretty stressed about the spm and he said he used to listen to this song back then when was in MCKK . tapi time tu , i dont think it is called spm , SRP ke? ahh lantaklaa...and yes , i did feel calm a bit..walaupun macam tak fully tenang tapi at least rasa la tenang sket..hee :D

and after dgr lagu ni , cepat2 cakap " yea..why worry? semua ni dunia je pun..chill bebehh" hhahaa..okayh i dah macam org gila sbb cakap sorang-sorang ! ahhaaa . enjoy the song !

February 9, 2011

for ur good sake , DONT !

im not in a good mood but will try to act like i am

all i can say is what goes around comes around . so beware people !

i'll try my best to forget about it . seriously , i need TIME !

when everything's turned upside down , time heals everything . and that's why i believe in 'masa itu emas' bcuz it helps me a lot not only to tell me to appreciate the time that im going thru , but to heal all the pain and the wound inside my heart .

this friday i'll be going back to telipot again for my uncle's wedding . n kebetulan we have 2days off , so macam dpt la berholiday selama 4 hari .. yayayayayayyayayayyaa

p/s - i appreciate if u're trying to calm me by asking "what happened?" , but i'll appreciate more if u dont ask bcuz when u ask , the pain will come . i am so sorry . this story had started here and it will end here too ! so vaivaiii :)

January 28, 2011

off to LCCT . baaaaaiiii !

oh yey ! barang dah siap pack and it's time to goooooo home baybeeeee! :D

p/s - saya nak jumpaaaa dgn semuaaaa penduduk jalan telipot ! weeeeeeee >.<

pray for me so that i can reach my hometown dgn selamat and doa jgk so that my flight wont be delayed! dahla last flight , kalau delay mmg sunyi sepi lonely laaaahh saya jawabnya -_______-

January 24, 2011

just another manic monday

tomorrow got quiz for maf 330

satu formula pun tarak hafal laagi


ohkaay im starting to sound like the one in family outing (-_____-)

wish me luck for tomorrow . just cnt wait for this friday ! awwwwhhh :*

*sbenarnya dah tak tahu nak tulis apa sbb nawaitu sbenar bukan sbb nk update blog tapi nak menaip je*

tapi kalau suruh menaip assignment tanak plaaaakkk yeee :)

whatever blaaa blaaa blaaaaa saya nak blaaah dr sini

vaaivaaii :D

January 15, 2011

bananaaas in pyjamaassssss

that's what i miss most about you ;)

i really miss that kind of conversation . though it was reaaaally 'bluish' !

p/s - thankss bbm for making up my day ^.^

January 7, 2011

pffft !

oh greaat ! i've spoiled my mood . DAMN !

just be patient bebeh . Allah s.w.t is testing u now .

word of wisdom for today : there's always a silver lining behind the cloud , which means everything happens for a reason . dont worry nai , u are strong ! u can go thru thissssssssss.. this is justtt kacaaaanggggggg only :)

p/s - whats wrong with fallin down cuz u can always stand up again rite? cheers :D

[ trying to calm myself]