July 29, 2011

# 10

10. Your celebrity crushes

yeay me ! i am halfway done :D mwehehehe . okay talk about my celebrity crushes , really reminds me of my school years actually . we used to fight over this , went emotional when others insulted our celebrity crushes , and yadaaa yadaa yadaaa . *thinking of it makes me gelak sorang sorang now*

naaahh tu diaaaa . one of my fav celebrity :D and im having a hugeee crush on him since 2006 when i first watched 'One Litre of Tears' . He is super hot and super shweeet ! and i like him better when he's serious *wink wink*

oh how can i not love you Ryo Nishikido when you always melt me with your sweeeeet smileeee :D OH OH OH rasa macammm nak rolling on the floor ajee >.<

anddd loook at his cuteeeee face ! awwwwwhhhhh isn't he the cuteesst boy everr . okay sgt melampaaauuu ! i'll be dead if misterloveqbal read this . oh wait , he rarely online so i bet he wouldnt read this right ? mwehehehe

okay im off ! byee !

July 25, 2011

# 9

9. Favorite quote

okay i used to love quotes and poems when i was in form 2 and yeaah , i've came across a lot of good quotes that even i myself never thought of one *ughh bajet kau tu a.samad said ke hapee ?? *

and as for now im gonna tell you only a few of my favourite quotes . though they're just simple and short and of course , without any bombastic words , but to me the meaning is soo deeep that it went through my veins when i heard 'em for the first time . SERIOUSLY

" Eventhough you cant see something , it doesn't mean that it is not there "

i first heard this quote when i was 7 or 8 years old . it was in a movie called 'the small soldier' . As i grow older , i manage to figure out the meaning in many different ways . A pretty good example is God . You cant see Him now of course but that doesn't mean that He's not there to watch your every move . So whatever you do , do it for Him :)

" Why afraid of falling down because you can always stand up again"

this one , i heard it when i was 15 and it was in a japanese tv series called One Litre Of Tears . Life is just like a roller coaster . There are times that we manage to be on the top , and fall down when the time comes . well some of us just dont wanna fall down right ? let's face this . whatever doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER ! failure wont kill us all , they just hurt our hearts , thats all :) so whenever you feel like falling down , dont worry , happiness is awaiting ! so stand up boys and girls !

p/s - gotta sleep early , imma career woman now . muahahaha *perasaan* ;p

July 23, 2011

# 8

8. Your hobbies

okay to be true , i never stick to one hobby . i always have different kinds of hobbies depending on the season . muahahahaa . like there will be one time when my online mood is at the peak so my hobby for that time is facebooking , blogging , downloading songs /movies and everything relates to the internet . but now i always feel kinda lazy to get my lappy n surf the net so i end up sitting on the couch , holding a remote control and tune in to AFC , TLC , FNA , and bla bla blaa that relates to cooking .

oh and i love window shopping too . i'll be very happy if i manage to find one cool outfit because at the end of the day im gonna bring my mom and get her approval and wallaaaahhh the outfit is aaalll mineeeeeeeee !! moahahahahahaaa *evil laugh*

btwy i love to hang out too . i dont care where or when as long as i have my babes around with me , it'll be a total blast !

well i still have many other hobbies to tell , but since im running out of time , i guess i'll have to stop now . well , there's no end in 'my hobbies list' laa i tell youuuuu . sampai besok pun tak habis kot :D

okay bye !

July 17, 2011

back on track :)

7. Your biggest fears

okay as for me , i do have a lot fears . fear of heights , fear of ants , fear of riding a motorcycle , fear of buses .... in short , im afraid of everything . err okay , not all actually because im not afraid of cats , or frogs like most people do . it's weird how im afraid of ants when frogs and i can actually be like bestfriendsss ?? oh okayy we may not be bestfriends (thats too much) but at least i can still go near them and touch them and belai them and kiss them and wallaaaaahhh a handsome prince charming , right in front of me >.< muahahahahaha . okay stopp it . you're starting to get out of the topics .

okay back to where we started , apart from all the fears that im having , the biggest one is of course , Allah s.w.t . As a muslim , i am afraid of God for i know i have done a lot of sins , they're just countless , im just afraid for what kind of punishment will i get for all of my wrongdoings , sometimes thinking about it makes me go teary and i feel like i dont deserve to be in heaven . ya Allah please forgive me :'( im trying my best to be a good muslim now . ya Allah please show me the right path and lead me to heaven .

amiiiiin ya rabbal al aminnnnnnn .

July 8, 2011

cikGOO HARA . okay it's cikgu laahhh :D

i finally became a so-called lecturer to one of my babes this evening . she asked me to teach her statistics which i took during my second or third semester of my diploma . *okay nak jugak kan ckp diploma tu* i know you guys would have probably been saying

" alaaahh..kalau setakat QMT tu adik aku punggg boleh ajar "

but to me , it is really challenging because i need to recall them back . how do i get this figure , what is a box and whiskers plot and blaa blaa blaa . i do have problems with my memories lately so yeah it ain't easy after all . but at least i managed to get her understand the topic . *i hope she does* :D

oh now i can finally wish myself a happy teacher's daay . woaaaaahhhh !

and by the way who says being a lecturer is easy ? you need skills . i mean teaching skills ! if you understand the subject very well but dont know how to deliver the message to others , then there's no use maaaannn i tell you . *if you wanna be a lecturer laa kan*

and if you feel like not having that skills , i think you should just leave them aside , make them your veryyy last choice . you could be a CEO , CFO , COO or anything that starts with the letter C .

well after all , the choice is all yours to make . chill people :)

July 3, 2011

sleep tight kids , mommy loves u

hello everyone !

okay before that , WELCOME BACK ! :D i've been away for quite some time , well i didnt go anywhere actually . it's just that , my writing mood is facing her kinda ups and downs plus , i adopt two kittens last thursday and with that , I AM NOW A SINGLE MOTHER OF TWO ! i havent had any pet since 2006 and wow , that was like 5 years of being a teenagers again ;p i miss being a so-called mother so i decided to adopt my babies and of course , i didnt have my papa's approval at first , but alhamdulillah when i brought my kids home , he seems to accept 'them' , slowly . ^.^

talk bout being a single mother , i am actually training myself to be a real mom , a REAL ONE arachii ? hihi well every morning i need to get up as early as 7 am ( no sleeping after subuh prayer) to clean their poops , and prepare their breakfast meal (though i never had breakfast for myself ) and continue sleeping until 10am . then i have to spend my time playing with them because they'll keep on meowing if i didnt play with them . And at 2pm , have to prepare their lunch and about an hour later , bathe them (this is not daily , it's only once in every 3days) . change their 'bedsheet' , and at 9pm , prepare for their last meal which is dinner .

it is tiring but the feeling of raising them and see them happy makes me feel ... well it's undescribable ! too happy i would say :)

well someone used to say that one day , our pets will come and greet us in the afterlife . if we greet them now , they'll greet us one day in the day after too . remember what karma says ? ^.^

i hope Gorgeous a.k.a Gorgy and Tom Cat a.k.a TC will greet their 'mommy' one day :)

mommy will wait for you taaauuu :')