July 30, 2009

: sigh :


im counting the days to go back there [uitm]..huuu MyEm0.Com

2 days left before i get on the flite n choww from here...

rs cam berat giler ati ak utk pegi kat sane blk...wuaaaaaa...

xnak xnak xnak!! MyEm0.Com

plus,i didnt finished my ctu assignments yet..

ya Allah...God knows how i feel everytime i wanna start doing that assignments..

well...tjuk susah dowhh...mcm terlalu general..it's not specific..i know it'll be like a bonus for me n naz bcuz bile dpt tjuk yg general,of course laa isi2 pnting pun bnyk,.but......

i am FREAKIN blurrrrr right now...as always..

now im like blurr-er than before,.uhh...MyEm0.Com

cnt sumbody just gimme some isi2 pnting or opinions or thoughts or what so ever laa as long as ianya membantuu..?? plissssssssssss MyEm0.Com

balik puncak nanti,kena bsh bj yg ber-tambom2 ituu...still got a basket-full of clothes..hehee...dirty clothes i mean..mlsssss nyeeeeeeeeeeee mauu membasuhh...haihh...

...till then...

July 27, 2009

: memories :

this time..i wanna post sumtin that i wrote before i went to uitm...i know it was like a month ago..but i do love that moments..up until now..heee..

June 25th 2009

today...my final derax began at 930..[FINAL!wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa]

- went to star photo centre to photostat my spm results,sijil tamat sekolah,n testimonials [it's for the registration]

- went to billion to buy something..but unfortunately,we went there too early that none of the shops were opened..they're still closed..[uhh...timing yg tidak tepat]

- got a call from him..asking where i was..[cuz we planned on going to zs's pasaria]

- he was at sic,mengesahkan sijil2..so,we're both a bit late for the pasaria..

- at 11am+,we [sam n i] went to that pasaria..[i kinda miss school damn much..]

- met papa solahh..papa pakai spek baruu!heee =D felt like wanting to burst my stomach out afta i heard the words 'farahain' came out from his mouth..[aishh..nm kak payyah nip] ahhahaaa..he still cnt pronounce my name correctly..hahaa...it's F-A-R-A-H-A-I-N-Y..HAHAHAA

- then,jalan2 survey gerai pasaria...

- met him there..wearing black shirt..like me!hoho..[tp kami tidaks berpakat ok]

- dieee asyik menunjuk2 kupon RM20 nyaa...HAHAA...

- first2 he thought of buying ayam percik,then tpaksa reject cuz that ayam percik cost RM20!hahaha...it's enuf for ur whole coupon dear..pity him..[pity la sgt] wakakkakaa..JK..

- afta jalan2 + pusing2 that not-so-big field,at last,we decided to go home..

- masuk saja dalam kereta sam yg tercalar sdikit akibat ber-tempohs- dgn dinding basement billion[mukemuu yg kalut itu akanku ingat],i realized one thing..that...I STILL HAVE A RM5 COUPON!

- dammit!i thought i finished them all,but i was wrong...called the big momma [my sis],to come n get the coupon [cuz i dun wanna take it home..]

- tp die tidak mjawab pggilan betaaa...uihh..tak nak coupon free sudahhh!heheee

- then,dtg satu idea yg bernas lg mulia...give the coupon to peje![cuz she was there with her gang at the corner of the field]

maka...hari ini..terbuktilah saya amat baik hati dan mulia...wakakakkakaa....KOYA SSORE la hoh..ahhahaa..

...at 230 pm...

went to billion with my sis to meet my dalim kurA2..!hehe..it's our last day together before i leave kb to S.A..then we headed to the bowling centre..it was the first time bowling for my sis..n the 5th time for me?..hehee...

i enjoyed the game so damn much cuz for the first time i got more than 50 for my marks..hehee...i got 70..n he got 76..?uih...u're not that bad...but i guess u cnt play well when im with u..hahahahaa...gelabah ekk?miahahhaaa

oleh krn hri ini mjd sejarah buat saya yg x pndi main bowling ini mdpt 70 mrkh,so i took the picture of the result on the screen..[arahan si kura2!] hehe..n here's the prove..

July 26, 2009

homey baby...=D


finally im home baby! [cheers]

just got home last night at 840pm..nek firefly n thank God the flight wasnt delayed..
n thanks to Allah s.w.t cuz i didnt face any troubles while getting on the flight..
eventhough i was alone that time..slalu naik ngan family,but this time..i was on my own...
quite challenging though..tp syukur i managed to survive..ahhahahahaa....

on the flight,i sat next to a sweet girl from jerteh,trganu..
she's also a student from uitm shah alam [induk],doing her degree in chemical engineering...
wahhh!i loiikee..ahhahaa...she's 20..n she's damn friendly...
i was talking to her as if we have known each other for quite a long time..
it's a gud thing that i myself pon jnis yg sukeeee bercakap..[but not in front of others k]

n weeeeeeeeeee....
i made a new friend!HAHAA..
if it wasnt for FY 2068,i wont get the chance to meet + know her..heheee..

n my next flight will be on august 2nd..9am..
dun wanna go back!can i just stay here a lil bit longer?
n i heard rumours about our raya hols..
telik said we're gonna be given 2days of hols for the hari raya...

dhla cuti ni,kura2 x blk...
n im hoping so that i cn meet him during the raya break...
tp bile dgr rumours tu,atikuu patahh sama sekali..haiiihh...

i miss him oredi!

kuraaaaaaa2...kamoo rindukan sy takkk?wakakakaaa...
klu dop i sekehs u nati!waahahaa...
[mmakso molep]

July 25, 2009


for now,im not gonna write anything...[eventho i already did]


juz wanna uplod pics smasa betaa berada di puncak perdana...enjoy it!

izaz dgn slambe buat tanduk 5 kat kpala ak...arrrrr...

my classmates..

during the aftas meeting..kami borim,kami photoshoot

"mari belajar CTU 101..hehehe..." kata ustazah niny..wakakakaka

sempat lg dowhhh buat peace...bosan mnumggu si firdaus conduct..ahaha

before the funky line dancing...

home coming baby

...ting tong ting tong...[bnyi bell]

"assalamualaikum dan slm sjahtera kpd sume warga puncak perdana,cuti akan bermulaa pd hari esok sehingga 2 ogos..hrp maklum"


maka sume pghuni blok 1 puncak perdana pun bersorakan...

wanna know what i was doing that time?



n i was awaken by the shouts and the hooorays...

n ape lg.....kekalutan melandaaaa di rumah 1B13...

motif kekalutan : tiket2!

n syukur alhamdulillah...there's still tickets for me to go home...

tu pun with the help of papa..hehee...



im goin home tomorrow!yeahhh baybehhh...!

hope the flite wont be delayed or else i have to stay at subang airport for hourssss...wuaaaa....xmo2..

mau pulang scepat mungkin!hoho

rindu sama white house dan pghuni2nyaaa...heee =p


JULY 15TH 2009


There’s nothing much i wanna explain..it’s enuf for me to stay alive during that kesatria thingy..hell yeah...K.E.S.A.T.R.I.A..bnyi pon mcm mengerikan..yeah,i was expecting that before i knew that it actually is mengerikan...huuhhh...

..this 5.05pm..

I was running down the stairs..agak kekalutan ye cuz tertidooo...uhh...yeah,i admit that one was my fault...sigh

Me : [what the hell is she yelling?] – suaranya terlalu,i mean TERLALU kuat shinggakan eardrum sy tidak dpt menafsir gelombang bunyi ituu...HAHAHAHAA.......

....About 5.45pm...

Komandan 2 : sume pernah blaja kawad kaki kan?[dgn nada yg mgerikan]
Me n some of the others : takk....[dgn nada yg agak humble] =p
Komandan 2 : tak pernah langsung?tp msti ada pernah buat kan ms bdn uniform kat skolah dlu..?
Me n some of the others : takk...[dgn muka slamber badak]
Komandan 2 : ......[speechless..] - maybe she was quite terpegun dgn keaktifan ank buahnya –

HAHAHAAAA...most people know that im quite an anti-kawad type of person..those who don’t know will know when they look thru my face..the anti-ness amat terserlah..=D

I know u guys msti ckp “how come she’s still taking that kesatria eventhough she hates it damn much?”

The answer is = AKU TERPAKSA

Haih...actually,during semester 1 we have 2 choices of bdn beruniform to choose from..whether it’s kesatria or red crescent..i know,logically i should choose the red crescent..tp that one kna amik sampai 3 sem...

kalau kesatria ni,just for one sem..next sem dh bleh tuka msk yg len mcm swimming,kebudayaan,and whatever persatuan yg mnarik laa..except for kesatria..im not goin to take it nemore..i swear..!!enuf for this sem...okai? n plus,red crescent tuu ada xm for every sem,so if i failed on the 1st sem,then i wud have to take it again for the second sem..uhhh tak nak aku..ahhaaa...dhla assignments pon bnyk...

++ im a fast track students,so,we’ll be a bit busy with the study-thingy laa...n i will definitely don’t have time to bc2 all those buku2 pertolongan cemas like what i did during my form 1-3 years...penat laa mau ingt sume bnda..otakku bkn robot yaa...ahhahaa

: AC 110 [fast track] :

July 12th 2009

“niny....uih niny...”

“emm?” [masih mamai]

“dah smayang kan pg td?”

“emmm...hahh?” [looking at the window]


N i’ve skipped my subuh prayer..oh GOD..terrrrr-skip...then terpaksalah daku meng-qada’ nyee...huuu...kak syidah tgh ABC..so i had to be alert of the alarm clock cuz kak syidah was not going to wake during subuh...huuu...

......inilah akibatnya tggal berdua-duaan....

[ehek2....berduaa2-duaan dgn kak syidah ok...]

Then,i got off the bed and opened the sliding door...allowing the fresh air to come in our house..

Went to the balcony to have a look on my bj kurung..[washed ‘em last night]

N it’s still damp..so,i took them and hung them inside..letak bwh kipas yg berpusing2 dgn gumbiranyaaa...hahhaa...

So now,im thinking of washing some more shirts..n yeah,i still got a pile of them that need to be washed..

Also...im planning on tidy-up my locker..cuz it’s kinda messy..hehee...

Just now,i made a check-list on the books that i should buy..so far,

AIS 130 – done

FAR 100 – done

MAT 126 – done

MGT 153 – not yet

ECO 162 – done

BEL 120/130 – not yet

CTU 101 – not yet

Aiyaaaa...still got 3 books to buy...MGT lect x msk kelas that day,so he/she didn’t tell us yet on what books to buy..i hope it’s gonna be the cheapest one..cuz my pockets is getting thinner and thinner lately..huuiihh...

CTU cost RM17..BEL probably RM30 kot..so far,buku AIS la yg plg mahal..RM60..adoii...

Im sure u guys sume x faham ape itu AIS,FAR,BEL n what so ever alphabet..kan?for those who take accountancy sure la taw..let me introduce them to u..

AIS – computer applications & communications in accounting [yg ni sbjek tntg komp..]

FAR – financial accounting [yg ni mcm akaun laa]

MAT – business mathematics [ yg ni mcm admaths ckit]

MGT – introduction to business

ECO – principle of micro economics

BEL – consolidating language skills/communication skills [yg ni plak,mcm English]

CTU – insan dan manhaj ketuhanan [ yg ni mcm PAI la kot]