April 30, 2011

lets partaaaayyy !

torture time is over baybehhhh !

now im gonna eat as much as i can ( for free some more ! ), lepak , online , shopping , bla bla blaaaaahhh

the babes ! cepat set date ! let's get wild !! :))

p/s - khas utk sam . we're waiting for your bb pin :) teeheeeee

April 27, 2011

go to hill la !

congrats FAR300 ! u never fail to make me worried :(

and yes, i'll be dating another FAR this friday . hope this one wont give me headache though i know it's totally impossible .

friday is jusssst my daaayyy yaoow!

"everybody's looking forward to the weekend"

thumbs up to rebecca black for the lyrics :D

p/s - is slowly packing up her stuffs . time to go hooooome baby !

April 21, 2011

london here i comeeeeee ! (z____Z)

screw you Mr LAW 346 !

like seriously i didnt have enough timeeeeeeeee to completeee them...

it's funny when you spent one and a half hour for a 1oo-marks-question when you only spent an hour for 300-marks-question!

baaaaaadddddd timing...baaaad strategy ! dusssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

p/s - one down , 5 more to go ! come on naaaaiii

April 15, 2011

we've made it guys !

it's the last day of class . im gonna miss them . lecturers , classmates , and the freakin' cold class .

and ohhh by the waaayy , i've madeeeee it ! i mean WE've made it..teehee.. we've been through all the hardships together . i could still remember the first thing that came into my mind when i first heard the word "part 4" (-_______-)

but u guys had made my part 4 life become great ! thankss guys . it means a lot to me :) susah senang kita bersama . itulah sahabat ! :D

now give yourself a big claaaaapppp !!

p/s - cant believe i went teary this evening .

April 11, 2011

what kind of a guy would u be if u were to leave me when i need u the most

ooohh ohhhh i just love this song !
what are words by chris medina .

i heard this song a month ago and i almost fall in love with it . but this evening , i watched the video on youtube and guess what ? IM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS SONGGGGGG ! im the kind of girl who usually fall for a song based on their melody , not for their lyrics .

but after i watched the video , the love gets deeper and yes , i cried when i first watched the video . i wasnt sad , but more to touched . i would be the most lucky girl if i were to have a bf / hubby like chris medina .

his gf suffers brain injury from an accident and he still sit by her side though she is completely different now . well lets just hope that her gf will get well soon . if you watch the video , you'll clearly get the message . he was crying while recording the song . CHRIS MEDINA CRIED WHEN HE RECORDED THE SONG ! how loving is that huh ?

M.E ! u should , no .. u MUST watch the video :)

okay im off to sleep ! oh and by the waaaayy , kelas FAR300 besok cancel ! wippiwooopppppp!

April 10, 2011

just break the leg baybeh !

it's almost 6pm and im still in front of my lappy . i should have been in front of the table, finish up the tutorials but look what i've done , spending my time browsing through the facebook over and over again . and i noticed something , i dont need drugs to get me addicted . facebook has already been my personal drugs . ughhhh darn u facebook !

all i have to do is to fight back . i cant keep on doing this . i mean my final is around 2 weeks more yet i am still blur . oh mann i seriously need to get my butt off from this bed .

im thinking of going to the faculty tonight since that's the only place where i can be enthusiastic to do my revision . well i can just study here at my house but it's a bit risky because i might fall asleep without realizing it . sadly i have no one to accompany me . well my roomates went out and they are still not home yet . lets just wait for them to come home :)

it's my final semester here so i think i should appreciate the faculty even more because that's the place where i mostly spend my time with when im here . from sunrise to sunset , that's where i'll be .

oh im so gonna miss it when i leave puncak at the end of this month :(

April 9, 2011

ta-yerd lah

im so tired of everything

tired of sticking my eyeballs to the screen , doing all the non-stop assignments

tired of forcing my eyelids late at night just to memorise but in the end i'll ruin my test because i'll forget everything that i read

tired of thinking 'when and how am i going to focus on my final exams if i still got lots of assignments to be submitted next week?'

tired of getting bad results

tired of crying for no reason especially in that period of the month

tired of meeting strangers with a very strange-yet-annoying attitude ( i really dont understand these kinda people)

tired of counting the days ( 21 days to go home)

i feel like going somewhere else where no one can find me so i can live in peace and harmony . oh tipuuu lahh . i cant live alone . no man is an island baybeh :D whatever it is , i miss my school days .

April 7, 2011

i should have received my black belt now if i didnt quit

i wasn't scared of you . i was just afraid . afraid that i might slap you on the face and punch you on the stomach like i used to do back then when i had my first sparring in standard 2 . and fyi , you make me learn how to say the four-letter-word

suddenly i miss tae-kwan-do :) it's too bad i quit just after i received my brown belt .

April 2, 2011

stop it

it's obvious . felt sorry for you . please stop bragging

April 1, 2011

cantbelieveitsalreadyapril T___T

how do you expect others to be serious when you're fooling around ? like i said , what you GIVE is what you GET !

get the picture ? !