March 23, 2012

i wanna go there :(

i somehow miss the moment when i was there . i miss being there . the feeling is different . Honestly .

ya Allah , please take me there again . someday somehow :'(

March 16, 2012

# 16

16. Who are your heroes ?

My one and only Papaa

i still remember how he raised his voice when i accidentally lost the remote control of my house punya pagar . it was just a small remote control anyway but yeah , he's the kind of man that appreciates things . He hates travelling . Like really hate it . I just dont know why . We both dont have much in common by the way . We like different things . He likes history , he hates travelling , he hates animals , he lovesss western food , and bla bla blaa . See how different we both are ? :)

when im down , he's the one who keeps on inspiring me . He wrote me a 'loveletter' when i was in puncak perdana , which i think not all parents can do that especially now where facebook and sms are the most preferable way of communicating . He sent me inspiring old songs to cheer me up :) i remember some of them like why worry now by i-cant-remember-who . kalau nak dengar , search dekat youtube ! world is now at your fingertips bebehhh :)