June 27, 2011

you :)

as for now , im not gonna continue doing the challenge . well after browsing through all the pictures , i just realized how im goin to miss you one day . i know this may sounds gay or lesbo , but this is the true feelings that im having now . u're the first person i got to say 'haai' when i first stepped in shah alam . u're the first friend that i have back then when i was all alone without my family . (i told u im really sensitive when it comes to friendship) i realized how grateful i am to meet you .

during our first meeting at 1B13 , i saw u cried . but during our probably-last-meeting last few days , i was the one who cried . i didnt even want to look at you after saying goodbye becauseee i was about to cry and i didnt want you to cry too . after all when i think about the future ,i cant be selfish .i cant force her to stay with me because who am i to do so . 2years of friendship has really given me something . MEMORIES that i'll cherish one day . you never gave up on me though i know i may had been such a loser to you . im sorry if i ever done anything wrong for the past 2 years . she's my all-time assignment partner , my ups and downs partner,and i am glad how both of us managed to get along quite well though we're from different states . i miss talking heart to heart with her in the toilet . i miss everything . getting to know her family is such a wonderful thing that has ever happened to me.

how i wish you could stay with us for another 2 and 1/2 years . i really wish for it :)

June 21, 2011

6. If you were locked in a room for 24 hours with the person you don’t like, how would you pass the time?

okaay this is weird . HAHA . well if that person is a girl then i would probably have some girls talk . but if that person is a boy , i think i would ignore him and just keep on texting misterloveqbal until i ran out of credits and after that , my celcom bill would reach up to RM 1.5k because im gonna spend the whole day talking on the phone with my parents , him and my babes . Just to fill up the time :)

and if that room got wireless , i think would probably posted something like " OMG ! im stuck in a room with a weirdo ! someone please call 911 or i'll die ! " muahahahaha

okay thats not even funny because i could just call the 911 instead of posting such crappy things which will only make people go " ohh pity her , her facebook account just got hacked "

okay im off ! bye :D

June 16, 2011

5. What do you look forward for next year?

ermm well , our 21st birthday , our 4th anniversary , and err err what else huh ? i seriously cnt think of anything right now . maybe im just too tired with all the 3-day-test and quizess . ohh i still cant believe that my final exams are just around the corner . it begins with Audit and a few days gap , wallaaaahhh ! my final paper for this diploma which is Malaysian Taxation 2 or in other words, Tax 2 ! i kinda like this subject , but my all-time carelessness has making me realized that it is actually quite tough for me to pass this paper with flying colours . but whatever it is , im gonna try my best not to be soo careless next time . wish me luck people ! :D

p/s - somehow this post went out of the topic , i know i should have answered the question but you know the time when someone get so excited over something , they will usually forget things .... oh well i didnt touch my broadband since last sunday so now you know the story behind the excitement right ? oh erm i know you just dont get the picture do you ? okaaay whatever .

im out ! bye !Align Center

June 11, 2011

# 4

4. Your new years resolution

oh ermmm errrr errrkkkk...*crick crick* ........honestly , i dont believe in new years resolution because of one reason , IT NEVER WORKS ON ME ! -______-

but since this is a challenge , so by hook by crook i'll have to make one too . lets just pray that THIS is reallly goin to happen :)

ohh okaay here it goess . since im going to have my degree next year , i will study even harder because my senior said it's goin to be tougghhh . you'll have your third languange subjects along with you for freaking THREE semesters and if you fail any subjects you're gonna have to EXTEND one semesters and that will give u a three-year of degree instead of just having a 2 and 1/2 years only . ohhhhh it's waaaaaaaaayyy much tougher than i thought :((

errr what else ? hmmm...i think one resolution is already enough for me . i dont wanna waste my kinetic energy to write such long resolutionssss when i cant even fulfill one . so yeah ,i end my post withhh a BIG GOODLUCK for myself hoping that i will finally fulfill this one freaking resolution -_____-

i have one tips for the third languange , avoid taking languages like korean,japanese,or mandarin if you feel like not having so much stress on it because as you know , these languagesss , they have their own writing skills if you know what i mean . oh well to make it simple , they're not using the abc to spell , they use their own alphabets which means you're gonna have to learn double , the languages and the writing as well .

Unlike french (im not discriminating other languages) they still use the abc to spell their word . for example : merci . so you dont have to waste your precious time cracking your brains to memorize the freaking weird alphabets to spell the word :)

have fun learning everyone ! you know yourself more than i do so choose it right .

the future is in YOUR hands

oh okayy im gonna stop now . really . bye !

June 10, 2011

# 3

3. Five likes and dislikes


1) encyclopedia . i love general knowledge ^.^
2) minyak cap kapaaak and minyak yu yee
3) chemistry . oh i misss this subject likeeeee crazy :(
4) animaaaals
5) sunway lagooooon :)


1) dairy products especially milk and cheese
2) western food
3) historrryyyyyyy . ughh
4) formality . i hate formal attire , act formally and anything relates to it .
5) boastful people . duhh , do you really need to show things off ?! -___-

June 9, 2011

# 2

2. Five positive and negatives about you


1) some said im friendly , i think i can mix well with the others . [i think so]

2) i learn a lot from my mistakes , so yeaah , i think it's positive enough

3 ) i dont mind waiting for soooo many hours .

4 ) i love animals as much as i love the people around me ?

5 ) im a forgiving person , i forgive people for what they did to me in the past because to me , i should let the bygone be the bygone :)


1) i forget things very easily , so i should call myself a forgetful person -_____-

2) insects and i dont really get along , so thats why i hateeeee ants and cockroaches

3) i hate western food especially the super smelly cheese . im the black sheep of the family because im the only one who hatess western food , so i guess that is negative enough because my family will have to consider my taste too if we're out for dinner .

4) i sometimes do like to bottle things up which is why i dont complaints on certain things (i do complaints, but just internally) :p

5) i like to bully my sister because she annoys me sometimes , so yes , im her evil big sister ! MUAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*

p/s - honestly i was having a hard time filling the negatives part so i guess im a goood girl after all :p hihihihii >.<

ok bye ! enough withh all the perasaaannn thing -_____-!

June 8, 2011


did i tell you that i dont have class for tomorrow ? well yeah ! im on holidaaayyy starting from now until tomorrow -___-

i can sleeep late tonight , forgetting that i still have tons of tutorials to be done . ughh SOS !

and moviiieessss sounds goooood too !

we're planning to watch KL GANGSTER since it'll be out on cinema starting from tomorrow . im not so sure how the movies is gonna be like , but im sure it's a good movie to watch . ehehh ^.^

i know that im not into actions and thrillers , but who knows , this movie might change my perceptions towards those kinda movies :)

# 1

1. Post a picture of you and state 10 facts about yourself

1 . my name is Niny and i'll be 20 on this coming October .

2 . i love stars , they make me realized that im actually close to my loved ones wherever im going because the stars that i see are the stars that they see :)

3 . i used to hate pink and go crazy over blue . i still remember my school days when all my stuffs were blue-coloured . i wont buy things if they didnt have the colour blue . uhhh !

4 . im currently doing my intersession at uitm shah alam and will be pursuing my degree here too on this coming September. insyaAllah

5 . i kinda love here because Shah Alam has really change half of my life . i get to learn soo many things from how to wash clothes to how to manage my own money and etc .

6 . i get nervous so easily .

7 . im afraid of dark , i just cant sleep if there arent any lights at all .

8 . i used to love spicy food , but i just cnt do so now since my tummy is getting soo sensitive lately . chillies are my worst nightmare for the time being

9 . i have stage fright . i can talk non-stop with my friends but i can be super dumb in the crowd .

10 . i have Hypsiphobia , means im afraid of heights . i remember when my dad asked me to climb the ladder and cleaned the air-condition . i thought i was brave enough but guess what ? i ended up crying on the 4th step of the ladder and my dad felt guilty so he cleaned the aircond himself . thanks papaa :')

take it and live with it

hey babes ! (why babes ? because boys , well they dont usually read my blog because my entries will always be more of a girl's story so i bet they're not interested to read 'em) :D

anyway , i just read my cousin's blog and i find it very interesting to go on a so-called-challenge (like what she's doing now )

so i think im gonna do it too ! ^.^


1. Post a picture of you and state 10 facts about yourself

2. Five positive and negatives about you

3. Five likes and dislikes

4. Your new years resolution

5. What do you look forward for next year?

6. If you were locked in a room for 24 hours with the person you don’t like, how would you pass the time?

7. Your biggest fears

8. Your hobbies

9. Favorite quote

10. Your celebrity crushes

11. Three Favorite songs, movies, and shows

12. Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why?

13. What do you see yourself in 10 years?

14. List 5 things you can’t live without

15. Write about your day yesterday

16. Who are your heroes?

17. Create a buckle list

18. Your dream wedding

19. Five places you want to visit

20. Take a picture of yourself smiling

p/s - i dont know how long will it takes me to finish those 2o challenges since im pretty busy with the tutorials and the audit lecturesss lately..duhh im gonna have my final exam like 2 weeks from now ? yikes !

but at least i know that i always have something to write whenever i feel like blogging . teeheee :D and the challengess startttt....................................NOW!

June 6, 2011

superquickupdate :)

is my shirt getting smaller or im getting fatter ?

p/s - i just weighed my body last week and it has reached 41kg !alhamdulillah :) yeaaahh like no more '3x kg' ?

hihihi >.<