June 20, 2009

sundae cone vs mcFlurry

*june 18th 2009...9.30 am *

...dadadadadadaa [my phone rang]

me : he...lo....
pilla : nai!bk paga!
me : ......haaahh? [tgk jam dkat hp yg satu lg]
pilla : bk paga wey...duk depe paga dh ni..
me : *ohhhh mannn!i'm late*

me : ok2...

HAHAHAA...for the trillion times,i was LATE![..again!duhh....]MyEm0.com

i did set my hp's alarm clock..but i dunno who turned it off while i was sleeping soundly on my cozy bed..

n bcuz of that,cik sam dan cik pilla had to wait for me to siap2 utk ke destinasi yg di-plan...hehee..sory guys,my fault..heeeeMyEm0.Com


- went to kbmall to buy stationeries and toiletries...hehee...
- bought hi-lighters,pens,notebooks,xm sheet,n bla3...
- mintak RM100 from umi to buy all these [tmsuk toiletries ok]..
- n guess what?it wasnt enough!arrgghhh....so i had to use my own money...without claiming it..cuz it's my fault for over-shoping...

stationeries from popular,kbmall = RM 42.00
stationeries from billion = RM 25.00

total cost for all the stationeries = RM 67.00

and yes,toiletries wasnt included yet...

cost for toiletries = RM 40.00

then,trus ke parkway to buy my alarm clock..pilla suggested that i should just use my hp as an alarm clock..but it never works on me..
tgk je laa pg tuuu...heheee...n i dun wanna late for my lecture/tutorial/class...
kalo dlu2 zaman2 skulahs,being late for school and tuition tu xjd mslh...hehee...
so,i bought this snoopy alarm clock [RM 4.90] to make sure that i woke up early n will never b late like i used to be those days..HAHA..
just wait n see..

all together,i've spent = RM 111.90

n that makes it RM112!haihh...looks like i nid to learn more on saving..hehee...MyEm0.Com

n btwy,my mr.kura2 was there too...MyEm0.Com
at last,die beli gak bj yg die nak..finally..!pny la ssh nk bli satu baju..hahaha..
but sokay,that shirt fits u well and it looks good on u..it's simple but nice!

n i like it =]

tadaaaa!!heheeee...mukemuu amat tkezuut..hahaaa

hehee....ni time nk blk,he bought me mcFlurry..n sundae cone for him...hahaha..

June 17, 2009

: im the king though im the queen :

owhh yessss yesss yessss....!!!!MyEm0.Com

a BIG yipeeee n yabedabedoooooooo!!MySpace

*cheers with me people!*

dgn ini.....sy...

Niny the BUDU-LOVER wud like to announce that......


i've finally conquered this room![i mean my room..]MyEm0.Com

yeahh baby!heheeee..

sory sis,im gonna mess this room while u're out there having hard time to shower!hoho..

thats what i call as a CAMP!heheeee...

well,i used to participate in that camp..cuz that school organize the 'perdana camp' [or what-ever the name is], like every year,n duhh,..forcing the students to participate as well..[i hate this part]

well..from my experience,it wasnt THAT hard..

for me,the camp which was held in taman rehlah was the worst ever!
like u dun even have time to shower..n yeah,even if u do,u wont have the appetite to do so..

just see the toilet laaa!owhh..the worst ever!MyEm0.Com

n i bet all the tourist who come to that place will give 'zero-star' to taman rehlah...

hahahaaa...well,looks like im gonna be free for 3days cuz my sis went to a camp organized by her school [used to b my school too]..heheee...

have fun girl!'enjoy' it..i bet u'll miss ur sis..HAHAHAHAAA...[damn,i am the EVIL sis]


~ boring boring! ~

n NO!im not missing her ok...MyEm0.com

i just...well...

dont have sum1 to 'ngenak'...ahhahaa...told ya im an evil sis..hehee

~ til then ~

June 16, 2009


hate this feeling..
i hate being mad..
i hate when people vent their wrath on me..


cuz if they do,i'll start blaming myself..MySpace

if u think im that spoilt,YES!i admit that.THANK YOUMySpace

*stop babbling nai...*MySpace


im off...!huh...


June 15, 2009

" just keep swimming " -dory-

*this aftanoon*

kupihs[my bro] and i were busy enjoying 'finding nemo' on channel 615..hahahaa...

this movie reminds me of someone who used to give me a nemo keychain,and crush-the-turtle keychain..heee..

tengss ya =] n i still have it here..appreciate it soo much..

when i watched this movie just now,it reminds me of my sis..

she used to say that i am sooooo like that blue fish,DORY!uhhh...

well,not to forget that dory is soo forgetful...n that makes me like her..*no wonder* hahaha...

n once,my sis said that i EVEN look like dory...uhhh....whatever sis!

anyhow people!

meet dory the blue fish!


i was imitating dory..

p/s : are we alike? [nahhh...] =p

June 14, 2009

the flights (~.~")

ohhh God....!!cnt blive what i just hearddddd...!!!MySpace

...just now,at 3.30pm..

*conversation between me and my mom*

umi : niny...afih xjd blk loni...
me : hehh?bakpoooooooooowwww???!!MySpace
umi : dio ttimga kapa tube..
me : whattttttttttttt?!!!MySpace
umi : taula dio...saim dio g ata dio lmbt kat epot..
me : lorhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....pahtuu?
umi : xdop pahtu dhla...kno bli tiket laim la jwb dio..
me : ......[pembaziran...!!]MySpace

HAHAHAHAA...guess what?my bro missed the flight!

he was supposed to arrive in kb at 5pm today..

but then he had to postponed it to 8.30pm tonite!

guess u're gonna have to stay at lcct laa pihss...huhu..pity u..

sokay pihs,that's part of the experience and the adventure that we're gonna face in the future..

if u can go thru this,and so do the rest!=]


feel so sleepy right now..... MySpace

i can see the pictures of my bed n my pillows now in my head..it's like they're waving at me now..

woke up really early today..

according to the original plan,we're planning on visiting syer's dad at 9..

cuz we want to wait for pilla's mom to finish her class [kelas mengaji] first..

but then,sam arrived here with her naza bestari together with pilla..without her mom..hahaaa..

dahla smlm on the phone ngan si kura2 till midnight..
but it's ok..
quite a long time xdgr si kura2's voice..kire cam mgubat laa..


*at syer's house*

there were lots of tok imam n the orang2 agama there..

cuz ms tuu,jenazah sdg dimandikan n tgh get ready utk dikafankan..huuuuu...

the environment was quite touching where i could see tears started to roll down on every one's cheek..including the boys n the man..huuu...

i was quite tergamam cuz it's been soo long i never seen a man's crying..

i used to think that men will never cry..but i guess i was wrong..

yurppp..totally wrong..they do cry especially when they lose sum1 they love..

they gave syer's dad the last respect..like i did too...huuuuu...

at 1pm,we left afta spending 3hours with syer,[hope u're ok now]..

sam nid to go home early cuz she have to fetch her bro at smsi at 1.30pm...

i plak,kul 2.40 kna fetch my sis at semenza...

await la lmbt sgt diorg ni blk...i am damn hungry now!

cant i just go n have my lunch

: sdekahlah al-fatihah kpd ayh syer,moga rohnya dicucuri rahmat..amiin :

aarrghhhh!! MySpace

deeply stressed out...like TOTALLY..!!uhh...what's goin on with ym lately?gone crazy n stupid aaa!aiyoooo...mau chatim sama kura2 pom x bleh..haduuu...

* this evening,on the phone with teliks *

teliks : helo nai..mum tido ek?
me : helo..hahah...emm!tidoo..tp xpola,await?
teliks : ni ak nk oyp...ayh syer tenat dh..mai ah g nawat..
me : iyoo?oouuw..okie2..mum mai amik ak ekk?
teliks : ye laa...ak amik mumla...ale lph asar..
me : okie2..

*hung up the phone..n immediately get dressed..*

about 6pm++,we arrived at syer's house..
i could see that her mom shed tears when she hugged teliks mom..
i was soo touched..it made my eyes a lil bit teary..huuu..
but her mom said syer wasnt home yet..she's on the way..
n couple of minutes later,she arrived there wearing pink n black bj kurum together with her teacher from kolej mara kuala nerang...

she doesnt look sad at first,but when she saw her dad lying on the mattress,she started to burst into tears...i understand how she felt..soo deeply..huuuu..
n again,my eyes went teary cuz i could no longer hold it..huuuuu..

at 7pm+,we decided to leave cuz thaqeeb got tuition at 8..so we had to rush..


then,just now,around almost 11pm,i got an im from sam...

sam : nai,ayh syer ningga dohs!
me : iyoo?innalillahiwainnailaihirajiuunnn.....

then we planned on visiting syer n her family tomorrow morning..to give her dad the last respect..huuu...

dear syer,be strong girl...i know it's hard to lose a father at this age..but what to do..
Allah s.w.t loves him more..always sedekah al fatihah n yaasin for ur dad..
im sure he'll be happy n glad to have u as a daughter..
if u nid us,just 'hello' us..we'll be there for you when u need us..
a friend inneed is a friend indeed..
hope we will be friends forever..amiiinnn =]

June 13, 2009

: dreams :

i was
damn boring just now..i didnt know what else to do..

fs = done!
tagged = done!
ym = done!
downloading songs = done!
you tube = done!

n finally,i made up my mind to check on the latest JC's cool stuffs.....dah ade new arrival man!OMG..!!

JC = Juicy Couture


i've been dreaming for soooooo long to have one of those..

owwhhh..im gonna cry when i get that...HAHAHAHA...If only i could get it for free...heeee *dreaming*

these are the one that im freaking lurrveeeeeeeee rite at this moment..

im in love with the design..they're super duper cool!

check this out! =]

this is one of the latest handbags...it doesnt look like a handbag to me,but still,i love the design!

not the latest...but i kinda like that tali...hehe

yang ni memamg dr dolu2 lg sy sukeeeee...but till now,still didnt have it *sigh*

this one plak,sgt seswai utk ke kuliah..HAHAHA

this one?kalo dlu2 ms skulah2,bleh r nk pakai..but now,buat simpan laptop pom cntek ni ! =]

this one too!if only that casio 570MS ade this kinda design,msti laku pny!

this watch,nmpak cam biase...but i still like it though...looks sweet je kan?

well,that's all for now..sy keboringan,so paham2 je laaa yer..

~ till then ~

June 12, 2009

a party for the queen of my heart =]

this aftanoon,terasa sgt mengantuk....never felt so sleepy like this before..especially in the aftanoon!the sun is like enjoying itself to brigten up people's day..n yeah,to heaten up this bumi alsoo..HAHAHA...

umi plak,always busy with her work..not that she's working,but as a very responsible yet lovely housewife,she has to do all those chores like everyday...

eventho she has a lovely daughter [koyaaaa owhh],that can help her do all those thing..but what to do?

her kids are soooooooooooooo in love with the bed n the pillows and the comforter!especially me..=D sorry mi...

i promise,i'll be a gud daughter..in the future =]

sudahhhh2...jgn mau brangan lbih2..actually,last monday,june 8th,was umi's birthday...n we kinda like having parties for her...well,not really a party,but sort of majlis makan mlm...yeah!hahaa...

enjoy the pics!

i laaavvvv you umi ! =x

2nd pose..heee

ur hug is the warmest hug mom!i'll miss it when i get there in S.A ..=(

the lauk pauks..

the minuman2...sory,mind that durian..=]

at the same time,che cik n her husband,ayh yid was there too...they just came back from sarawak...

they live there,so it's like once a while,they will come to kb to visit us..n brought us many gifts..

those days,they gave us books..story books to read cuz they dun want us to like,spending our leisure time doing nothing...

so instead of shouting n yelling,why not read story books?hahahaa...

n yeah,i still have the collections that they gave us dulu2...

eg : peter rabbit...heheee...

this is it ..