April 22, 2012

i believe in modesty

17. Create a bucket list

and wowwww if i were to write down it all , it'll be endless . so as for today , i think im gonna limit it to just 10 maybe ? well let see lahh how much i can think of for today .


1. be a good muslimah
2. be a good wife / mother / granny
3. travel around the world
4. successful in life
5. get a good job
6. a new lappy or at least format the current one
7. a new bb or at least repair the current one
8. get a first class degree
9. be a good chef
10. finish my degree with a blink of an eye so that i wont have to struggle anymore

well that's life . whatever u do is for ur own good too right ?
so appreciate ur life ! dont let anything / anyone destroy ur precious life .
dunia is just sementara , so make full use of it .

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