February 1, 2012

# 13

13 . What do you see yourself in 10 years ?

let me see..in 10 years time , i'll be 31 . MY OH MY ! veryyy the adultttttt aaa ! i cant imagine myself being a 31-year-old woman . Honestly , i dont know what im gonna be in the future . What will i do to earn a living , who will i get married to , but i really hope it's gonna be him :) hikhik

okay what else do i see , hmmm perhaps having a pair of twin maybe ? heeee :D i just love twins ! and i even wish for it when i was a kid . i wish i have a twin so that we both can switch places like what Annie and Hallie did in the movie The Parents Trap . haha silly me ;p

okay enough with day 13 ! i still have another 7 days ! yikes (@__@!)

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