February 4, 2012


15 . Write about your day yesterday

woahh 5 more days and woohoo ! anyway , back to the challenge . err yesterday? ohkaay let me see..i went to Tesco during the evening to buy stuffs and had my dinner at Lik's crib . She held this kinda majlis for Maulidul Rasul so yeah , i was invited :)

The menu was nasi minyak (i think) with ayam masak merah and bla bla bla . It was very the sodaap one aaa ! Plus , i was too hungry last night , so everything looks delicious to me :D Thank you LikLik !

Then we had our usual gossip thingy and laughed so hard (gosh i miss this momentos) im soooo gonna miss them ! :') We've planned on so many things like going to have sleepovers like what we always do each year , then some of them mentioned something about overseas and they plan on to go to Australia next year . I wannaaa go thereeee too ! I'll probably need a lot of money and decided to use my own money to go there . i think i'll appreciate more if i do so :)

whatever it is , we can only plan , it all actually depends on Allah s.w.t because He's the one who runs everything ^.^ Lets just pray to Him !

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